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Jay from Just Like New Interior fixes some of the common interior problems with Ferraris. The Project Ferrari F430 has a headliner that has fallen down, and wrinkling leather on the air bag cover, as well as the binnacle. His expertise makes it look so easy to fix and he knocks the repairs out in no time.

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Hoosier Hell Hawk says:

New subscriber. Your logo is epic. Luv this channel

Alec Strickert says:

I know that you are a Ferrari guy but what if the next project car was a Gallardo.

L BC says:

Nothing like fixing shit yourself

Taelor Watson says:

I hope you didn't give him a Corona. I tried to find my beach but they blocked off the parking lot. Then some "nice" policemen told me that they would have to arrest me if I got on the sand.

Big Motor says:

Great episode!!!
Reminds me of the series wheeler Dealers out or the UK. Great move, very witty! Kudos Man!!

NDPesic Group says:

Great video !! F430 is coming along nicely. .. looking sharp !! When Brad was putting the tire on the f430 in yesterday's video, you guys were talking about the paint along the front end, you mentioned it had ppf on there….is the whole car done in ppf or just certain spots ? BTW, the paint looks great on it !! Very nice

Ron Gosciniak says:

Binnacle……….Fancy Ferrari words…..ha!

MS says:

I'm enjoying these videos Dan! I'm lucky to not have any sticky bits so far (knock on wood). Keep up the good work!

Jay DKB says:

Smart move on the bidding process eliminates a lot of the BS that the internet is plagued with.

Todd Fergus says:

I love your videos, and I hate to be a Karen, but where are your masks? #socialdistancing #universalmasking

Scott King says:

Nice Video. I bought your book and it was well done. Additionally, I bought a 2011 458 about 6 weeks ago. My second Ferrari. Your videos were hepful so you can actually work on this car!!

SomeJuanFixIt says:

The headliner looks so much better!! Hes badass

rsowder says:

That was a great tip about shrinking the leather on the airbag cover. I have the same problem on my 360, so I'll give that a try with my heat gun.

James Stegbauer says:

Thanks again Dan…..

Pierre Roberge says:

That is some uncomfortable work. It will look like new when your are done.

skliros says:

Hey, you insulated your garage door!

Ryan Parkinson says:

Watching the airbag cover wrinkle repair was oddly mesmerizing. I am surprised you messed with the steering wheel trim on the 458. Last I saw the wheel wouldn’t move up and down properly. Did you fix the steering wheel or just go for it?

Stuart Osantowski says:

Another successful video, thanks Dan.

K-man says:

Good viewing!

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