Ferrari Testarossa refresh part 1. Repairing the bodywork bodges to make it factory fresh again

Ferrari Testarossa refresh part 1. Repairing the bodywork bodges to make it factory fresh again

My Ferrari Testarossa suffered some minor bodywork damage back in the nineties but the repair done at the time wasn’t great so I’ve taken it to Prestige Refinishing to strip it back and make it perfect again.



Robert VanZant says:

Beautiful car !

risingtoneofthemojo says:

Always appreciate these videos as they really get into the appreciation and understanding of the old gems and an insight into what it takes to preserve them

Groover49 says:

Hey Harry. Awesome vid as always. I had to laugh at the brakes! Haven’t we come a long way. My current Sunday car has nearly 17.5 inch front disks! Ridiculous but necessary. Otherwise, those panel boys are just the best. I’d have complete confidence in them too!

Purple Haze FFC says:

Never has a place of business been so perfectly named. Magicians. Also, sad to think in 20,30,40 years' time craftsmen like this will be just about extinct.
Flawless finishing skills. I know it wouldn't be 100 accurate. But it would be interesting to find what the car weighted before & then after all that filler has been removed.
It must be quite a few kilos on there.

Ian Worley says:

Harry always talks himself into a bigger bill.

Si Edwards says:

These boys are legends. Absolute masters at what they do.

Deutsche Klassiker says:

I like Harry’s Garage !

christopher jensen says:

I could watch these videos all day. Highly skilled professionals at work. Watching it all come together is incredible.

APB says:

Harry talking like someone who is about to fleeced by a couple of builders by talking up the problem
And the buildings just keep adding zeros to the price

Paul's Yard UK says:

You did well to find these guys, the work they did to your Lancia would have tested the best in the trade. Its safe to safe the Ferrari is in very safe hands…looking forward to seeing the end result.

marcus fletcher says:

Absolutely love watching craftsmen at work.

Paul Christy says:

Love the resto videos Harry. Please don't stop doing them.

alex brunsdon says:

I find these restoration episodes far more interesting than the endless reviews of ridiculously expensive SUVs and sports car exotica that are beyond the reach of almost everyone. Really nice to see skilled craftsmen picking apart poorly repaired panels and explaining why things are out of alignment. Excellent stuff!

jk3838 jk3838 says:

Artists, skilled men that are rapidly becoming rarer and rarer

humphnor says:

I love the details these guys put into the work.

James TIbbs says:

Such a pleasure listening to These gentleman . By far my favourite body paint guys to listen too

Geoff Saunders says:

Absolutely brilliant. "This wasn't right; so I straightened that out." I love how he throws out a line like that – he "straightened it out! We could only dream of doing work 0.1% as good as that. Genuine craftsmen who appear to love what they are doing.

trefod says:

It's funny to see how tiny the front brake discs are.

timc924 says:

Another series of masterclasses begins. Fantastic! I hope after this one Harry, you manage to find defects in some of the other fleet to send to these maestro's so we can enjoy the recreation process. These are by far my favourite videos. Regards from Australia

Christopher Prose says:

The Testa Rossa is an enigma. Not beautiful, but breathtaking and impossible not to admire and desire. I've always been intrigued by this design (and its awful front overhang) while being caught between loving it and not knowing why I do. I've seen them in person and have always been drawn to them like a moth to the flame.That V-12 is gorgeous. There is just nothing like it. It is an iconic design and will be seen as such moving into the future where cars like this will never exist again. When you took it to Morocco, I thought you were nuts, but it stunned me how well it performed in a such a hostile environment. Legend doesn't do this car justice. It was always meant to be a great GT and that is what it is. I think you appreciate its genuine value and significance like few others. I hope you keep it forever.

Neil Gregson says:

Reassuring to see the master craftsman on the job.

T Ellison says:

Needs a modern brake upgrade

rustyroo82 says:

Can someone clean Henry up please? Poor guy in the background

Rhys Jenkins says:

Pretty decent guys at Prestige like how they took time to figure out what was wrong to start with and correct. Great advice too on always drop shut a bonnet/hood. maybe should get it taken off insurance record.

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