Ferrari 458 Italia SAGGING HEADLINER repair by Just Like New Interior

Ferrari 458 Italia SAGGING HEADLINER repair by Just Like New Interior

Jay with Just Like New Interior ( | 512-644-4476) once again fixes my Ferrari to be as good as new. This time the 458 Italia had to have a sagging headliner repaired.

This is extremely common in Ferraris and it’s caused by 2 things. The first is frequently the glue that Ferrari uses from the factory doesn’t seem to stick well in very hot and humid climates such as Texas. The second is that the foam insulation seems to degrade over time and then separate from the headliner and the tar paper.

Jay shows us his impressive talent and experience and is able to replace the degraded foam, and reattach the headliner so that it looks as good as new! To accomplish this we had to remove all of the upper trim around the top of the interior.

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997 dryvr says:

Uh oh Dan. You are gonna trigger the anti-rubbing alcohol technique crowd again.

Rick Su says:

these videos are godly awesome, now everyone knows what's involved in these work, helps to keep exotic tax down to a reasonable level. I would not be surprised ferrari owners get quoted for like 2k and they still pay for it. I asked my local dealer (Ferrari of Los Angeles) for JUST an oil change on a 458 and they wanted $1200….what a bunch of ripoff

L G says:

Always nice to see the independents being chosen opposed to main dealers. Not to mention the level of effort and attention to detail tends to be superior when using the independents (not main dealer)

Dean Woods says:

For the next video, Dan buys a portable led light for darker shots. Lol


Didn't you do that to the 430 as well ? What's with newer Ferrari's these days…my 34 year old Ferrari has no sticky buttons and the head liner is still like new. I hate to say it, but if it weren't for honest and brave souls like you, we mortals wouldn't know how poorly manufactured these modern Ferrari's are. Like they say, "you buy the engine and Ferrari throw the body in for free." Cheers.

Edwin Medina says:

I would charge a more affordable price on a Ferrari with materials included than to work on a VW headliner! This upholstery guy would totally agree with me lol. Great work nonetheless, I would have figured it would have suede in there but guess not, Gray Suede would have looked good too.

Ash Salleh says:

so what other youtubers use faint background music.. not a knock, im just wondering.. and whats your rationale for using it

Taelor Watson says:

Thank goodness this hasn't happened to my California T, but it is good to see that Doug Demuro has a legitimate job. Doug is the type of guy who never picks the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

Retired at 49 says:

I always pay someone to do this kinda stuff! It makes me far too nervous when dealing with "clips"! I honestly believe I have the ability to break them by simply looking at them!…lol!!

Filipe Gomes says:

Now looks like a Ferrari. Dan you need some studio leds, will make a chage im this dark enviroments. πŸ™‚

Anibal Torres says:

Why cars that are so pricey everything broke so quickly I will never ever in my life buy a Ferrari even if I were a trillionaire.Its a piece of crap.

Robert Kohut says:

Nice!! Great guy… πŸ™‚

Taz Mod says:

My mom live in Florida. The ceiling was sagging on her Citation. I fixed it with a staple gun. My wife has a Dodge with the same problem. It had fabric glued to hard paper. I took the whole thing apart, sprayed it with the glue, put it all back together. It started to fall again so I stapled it. Hope yours last a long time.

kamikazekaos says:

Going by this…… I would of done it myself it seems easy straight forward fit .not sure why you're interior or seat wasn't covered ?properly?

Max Nix says:

Rather surprised he did not drape the interior.

AJ J says:

How much these type job usually cost and nice vids always~~ dan!

SHasTA iS gOLD says:

WHAT a hack, this guy is so lazy, the interior should have been covered in plastic, he was spraying this glue gun drirectly on the ceiling with no care that glue was spraying all over a msrp $300,000 car 7:04 hes spraying glue everywhere without a care

Q8 Fly says:

Jay needs a Instagram account

Krassimir Petrov says:

I just had to do this on my Porsche Cayman S (very common issue) the heat and humidity killed it. I upgraded to an alcantara

Old Guy Garage says:

The foam padding on the headliner fails, not the glue usually.

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