HOW TO replace thermostat in a DODGE VIPER – DIY

HOW TO replace thermostat in a DODGE VIPER – DIY

In this video I show step-by-step how to replace the thermostat on a dodge viper GTS ACR

This procedure will apply to all GEN II vipers 1996 to 2002

For the VIPER rad hose replacement and coolant bleeding DIY see this video:

For the VIPER radiator replacement and re-core see this video:

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David P. says:

Thank you so much for doing this video, I'm having overheating problems with my 97 GTS and will need to do the same with recoring the rad. Just I case, I'll change the tstat as well.

Did you torque down the intake manifold bolts?

S L I says:

How long did it take tick to rebuild your trans, I used them to build me a tr6060 for my 99gts. And they have had it since December 16th, also how do u like your new trans?

1991tommygun says:

Wish i had the money so i could finish my viper! Love to be in the garage wrenching

Kinnetic Landscaping says:

Just did mine – 98 GTS – Same thing my intake bolts were ALL finger tight – some not even that ! I also found the Valve Cover Bolts to be the exact same – Torqued to 95 inch pounds as per factory Spec for both Valve covers and Intake ( Intake has a 2 part 1st step 10Inch lbs 2nd step 95 inch lbs ) The wood trick worked AWESOME ! Thanks Man !! Appreciate the Helpful Video !!!

Jeff Martinez says:

Great work to show us Viper owning shade tree mechanics how to do reasonable work on these temperamental hot rods. Thanks!

Jimmyqballs says:

The infamous Harbor Freight blue LED light

Jim Vincent says:

Great videos, and gorgeous ride my friend! Any chance you've done (or seen done) the replacement of the tensioner pulley? I've got noise that appears to be coming from mine.

Johnny says:

Did the thermostat help? Man, i can't get used to these engine temps shooting up so high. I'll probably do this soon + the radiator mod and maybe get fans reprogrammed. Crazy how hot these engines get.

Peter Joseph says:

I was thinking about trying to get more horse power out of my 2008 Dodge Viper. It comes with 600 HP. What would you recommend that I should do? I would like to get up to 700 HP or close to that. When you increase the HP do you automatically increase the torque? Unsure how that works. Thanks Peter

Jay Schmett says:

Strong work

Peter Joseph says:

What made you decide to replace the thermostat? Just wondering if I should do mine. I'm not having any problems. Thanks for the really good videos.

charlie ryan says:

You are very modest, I think you know your way around a Viper better than most owners. Thanks for another great video

Brandon Potter says:

If you could show me how to remove my Paxton Supercharger so I could change my stock pulleys that would be great!! πŸ˜‰

Enthusiasts Garage says:

just checked my intake manifold. all the bolts were tight so you might wanna check the other stuff to make sure everything is good.

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