How to Install Dash Speakers: Dodge Ram Three Way Front Stage Part 3!

How to Install Dash Speakers:  Dodge Ram Three Way Front Stage Part 3!

In this video I take the upper dash off of my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 and install midrange speakers and surface mount tweeters for my front stage build.

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For the speakers used in this video check out part 1:

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Cat120209 says:

If my truck only has 4 can I do these too

david reid says:

Man this looks like more work then im willing to do. Wanna come over and do my truck next?

5.7_CRUZ says:

hello i have a 2017 ram 1500 along with two subs and no amp can you give me a list of what exactly i need (i have a uconnect touch screen radio if that mattered)

Christina Briggs says:

Hello again sir, what is the speaker in the middle ?? Thanks again for this video, i just got that dash piece out and didn’t even break it, lol

Christina Briggs says:

I sure have a ton of questions. Thank you for this video. Now i feel like i can fix my new truck. i just bought an 07 Dodge Laramie, has a blown dadh speaker. Anytime i need anything from amazon, i’ll use your link. I need a ton of advice. I’ve got an amp i wanna hook up when i get a normal receiver. #getthisGPSjunkouttamytruck

Alfred rice says:

Download the wish app they usually sale large amounts of connecters at a really low price

Yamahar1 castillo says:

Hello , good morning im alex from Wisconsin , i have a question about wich steering control module use on my dodge ram 2005 , and how to connect , thanks

Defender One says:

I just want to add dash speakers . My 02 1500 ram radio sounds horrible no bass at all. I wanted to add dash and new door speakers . I thought of adding one 10” sub later, but not at the moment. I wanted to just add didn’t want to do a amp for door speakers. Looking for something that sounds good but easy to install. Also why the adapters? Can they not just screw in the two holes

dvastation.squad says:

I've been looking at different videos and they all show using a 3.5 speaker in the dash. I pulled my dash and the holes in my dash are 2.5". I went to put the 3.5" speakers in and they didn't fit. Did you cut your dash or was it 3.5" hole? Seams like my 2003 ram 2500 all the speaker specs are all wrong.

kelly3214 says:

I had a Kenwood DDX9906xr Head unit installed a long with a JL XD1000/5V2 Amp My question is if I still need the crossovers for my older Kicker R-13 Tweeters or can I use the Kenwood to Handel the crossover

Medicated Martin says:

Do I need an amp if just installing new door speakers?

WrathCustoms! says:

Great video. I searched for months on how to remove those speakers. Your video was the first I found. Thank you.

Jamir Williams says:

What size are the speakers in the dash?

Chris Moses says:

As a suggestion, you might want to check out two YouTube providers: 5-star audio and CAF audio. Theses two providers provide really good information on car audio installations.

DrIp BIGMULE says:

DIY audio guy I have a question for you regarding the Dayton DSP. When connecting the blue remote wire can I jump the wire from each amp and send it to the power source? For the power and ground, can they be ran to the fuse distribution boxes that are mounted to your amp board?
I’m not sure about where the yellow wire with the fuse goes. I’m doing this installation in a Ford truck with a aftermarket wire harness. I have the speedwire, power, and ground wires ran to the back ready to go. The instructions for the DSP are not that helpful.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do these videos. I have learned several great ideas already.

El Fuego says:

A great and informative series. I appreciate your dispersal of audio knowledge.

HifiVega says:

Very cool! Waiting on that tuning video now lol

3RD ERA says:

Nice job on the speaker adapters. I just picked up a new router to finally get away from having to depend on a steady hand with a jigsaw and a ton on hand sanding for all my adapters. As for the 1/4” insulated connectors in bulk , I’ve always used a distributor on amazon called “Yueton”. They sell 100 unit packs of females and 100 unit packs of males. A 100 pack goes for around 7 bucks I think based on the last time I bought some. I’m not sure if they sell smaller packs though for you to test out first to see if you like them. Anyhow, you’re aren’t a diy’er if you haven’t scuffed up your dash a little bit or broke some random clips trying to learn how things work. Keep up the great content, it’s coming along great!!

Dragon51 says:

Looking good! If it doesn't fit force it if it breaks it needs replacing anyway!

Jonathan Pinder S.R. says:

I think I asked this before on the center channel speaker is it L or R on the amp?

Marcus S says:

Great video! I have an 08 megacab and have learned the hard way at times with the panels lol. Good job and keep it up!

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