Here’s Why Dodge Makes the Worst Cars

Here’s Why Dodge Makes the Worst Cars

Dodge Demon car review. I Told You About This Dodge But Nobody Listened, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Dodge Demon everything you need to know. The worst Dodge cars to buy. Buying a new Dodge Demon. Should I buy a Dodge Demon. Why not to buy a Dodge. The truth about owning a Dodge Demon. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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Pipe Picasso says:

Dodge is appropriately named, you have to dodge the parts flying off.

Mai Mariarti says:

at 5:20, you missed a gigantic opportunity to insert your usual Kardashian.jpg

Master88 YT says:

I recently bought a Titanium pearl 2002 Subaru Legacy Grand Touring Edition. I love the car however I get the distinctive feeling that Scotty wants me to trade it in for a 1994 celica

Mai Mariarti says:

If it wasn't for people buying cars, just because the cars looked so sexy and cool, most car companies wouldn't exist.
People find out after they paid the cash, that they bought into an endless money pit.
Too late then…
Listen to Scotty if you want to bypass that era of err in your life.

Demetrious Mcculler says:

Amen on bmw those cars suck so bad the first problem you get with those cars leads to another and another a endless money pit. Bmw bring money with you

Mai Mariarti says:

When I was going to college in Texas, the speed limit was 55 Mph, and the slogan was "55 saves lives"
Too bad that law was abolished. It did save millions while active though.

Hakeem YSL says:

lol i drive a 14 dodge charge police pursuit

Cloud 9 says:

No wonder every car channel be making fun of you

William Tilton says:

Stay safe during the hurricane

Mike Foehr says:


ted bearington says:

I have a 2019 Tacoma 2wd v6 and a 1999 Tacoma prerunner 4 cylinder. are the Toyota 2019 4Runner as reliable as my Tacoma’s ?

Walter Parada says:

Rangers are not that cheap man. They're in the ballpark of 40 grand. GET THE TACO

Robert Lawrence says:

People driving unreasonably slow are more dangerous than people driving a steady fast pace. The slower you go, the easier it is for cars to catch up to each other. When cars bunch up there are more chances of accidents. Driving slower also makes more traffic on the road. The slower you are the more time you are on the road and the more traffic are more hazards. I understand driving slow in residential areas, school zones and public pedestrian places but on highways and roads that have plenty of view and low hazards are silly at some of the speeds the limits are set.

MrChowhua says:

They need to make 45 from Dallas to Houston 100 MPH cause that's how fast people drive anyways on that hwy.
Timing chain is notorious for breaking on Mercedes. My sister's 2015 S500 had the timing chain go bad, yes a 2015. $3k later it's fixed. When it breaks it also causes a coolant leak so overheating the engine too.

Skyler Boley says:

Hey scotty, my 2001 subaru outback makes a grinding sound when make a sharp right turn. Power steering fluid isn't low. Whats your opinion?

fast ford freestyle Biden 2020 says:

Fix it again tony

Larry Jensen says:

Does anybody have a good low mileage extended cab mid-size pickup for sale?

dano says:

what?? who in their right mind would put that size of a hood scoop and expect it not to cause problems down the road? answer: CHRYSLER!

White Boy says:

I love lexus but they couldn't get the dashboard on my right it melted away. I was a Lexus IS owner and that dashboard pissed me off so bad it was awful. Although the car as a whole was probably the best car I've owned.

Challengers are beautiful and if your hating on a 800hp car for 100k you really got issues.

NeverTalkToCops1 says:

Scotty with the cackling, hacking, and so forth.

inSAYn says:

Sorry Scotty but Toyota doesn’t make a v8 muscle car. They can’t even make a sports car on their own.

Rideshare Done Right says:

The best insert photos in the business! Lol!

Amaru says:

Oh he is so good lol

jack hamilton says:

I would not buy that piece pale of junk car I'm the first place… SMH

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