Chrysler tipm replacement truth!!!

Chrysler tipm replacement truth!!!

DO NOT SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO THE DEALER!!! this video covers my experience changing out the tipm or ecu as normal car makers call it on my 2006 chrysler 300c rwd. Dodge charger magnum 300 chrysler swap how to replace tipm



Malcolm Alvarez says:

Don’t drive it without the reprogram it will run but will be plagued with tons of electrical issues and with throw a cel light once it’s driven to long

Captain America says:

Man, thank you. I’ve been searching the answer to this for a while. Fuck the dealer and their $800. Heading to junk yard tomorrow to snatch one (or two).

fretman09 says:

where in albuquerque are you? im in bernalillo i need a tipm for 2007 dodge charger

Rosemary Smoter says:

Yes I have a 2011 dodge ram 1500 Laramie, it has 54,OOO miles on it , I drive to work and home I have other vehicles this is why low miles, any ways I have put a new look pan on a new trans pan on a starter a rack and option. Stratts, trans lines. Water pump .now are you kidding me 54000..miles ,now hope your listening now they tell me the tipm is bad I have brake light on dash, and. Engine on. I told them I want the lights off, also just had oxygen sencers done 2 of them. What next, they told me 1000. For new tipm. Are they for real . I did get a used room from fox auto a day a go . I'm a fraid to put in don't want to mess up my truck. What is a girl to do. I really don't think I'll ever buy a 60.000 truck from dodge again their no help.

Colin Klang says:

I'm sure many of you came across it but there is a guy who only deals with Chrysler tipms and you can get new or refurbished tipms for significantly cheaper than the dealer or other places. He even shows you how to do everything. You can even get plug in accessories to bypass common issues like fuel pump relays.

The Chrysler tipms are garbage but luckily it's an easy fix if you can get a compatible tipm. The same company manufactures all the Chrysler tipms and they use a handful of versions across all their vehicles. So compatible units are readily available.

Good luck!

Gene Poon says:

True on the TIPM not needing dealer reprogramming (do NOT confuse with the Powertrain Control Module, doesn't apply to that). In fact on some vehicles such as the 2006-2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser, updating an earlier year TIPM with one off a newer car (as long as it is not defective) offers an improvement, as the later ones were updated and improved for better durability.

Pete Hensley says:

James Womble it's nice to to read a comment that's 100% correct. it's nice to know that there's at least one more real mechanic left out there. people go buy a Harbor Freight socket set and a $20 code scanner and thank that they are Master mechanics LOL .good job

Monty Daniels says:

The TIPM for my 2010 Patriot runs $300- $350 completely refurbished. Living in Michigan, I could spend money on a auto salvage yard or just spend the money for a programmed ready to work TIPM with a 1 year warranty. I'm going that route if my TIPM is all corroded or one of the PCB's inside of it are toast….

Lee Lewis says:

Thank you for sharing

Bo Lawrence says:

So if the tipem goes out and has a recall on specific years why would you pull a tipem that has a very high chance of being bad or going bad? Why not just take it out and have a 3rd party company fix the circuit board for a few hundred bucks?

NaberAuto says:

HIs profanity is not appreciated – shut it off immediately as soon as I hear profanity.

Kayena Arellano says:

Tipm= a whole fused box?? Lol!!

Tony Runyon says:

Good info. Try not to lace so much im about to toss the Shaq a roni

carl stanoyevic says:

Thanks so much , My 2005 ram just quit running one night the red lightning volt came on and now the fuel pump won’t run. Going to try another tips see what happens thanks again buddy.

David C says:

Always disconnect the negative battery cable first

AMPS Family says:

How much did they charge to reprogram the tipm at dealership

Daniel Jones says:

Regarding a 1998 Dodge "Caravan" V-6. Would it be possible to replace the computer and associated electronic parts with 1960's voltage regulators and run individual wiring paths to all the electrical components?

Daniel Jones says:

What would cause a 1998 Dodge "Caravan" to stop running just before it reaches operating temperature. It ran about one and one half miles of level streets and then just stopped cold. Parked it. Wouldn't restart. Came back next morning and it started right up and I drove it the rest of the way home.

Andy Mohabir says:

So you still had to go to the dealership? For everything to work.

Eduardo Herrera Salsa says:

when your tipm died out did you have no spark ?

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