Vinyl Top Replacement Box Chevy Caprice / How To Replace LS Brougham Quarter Top with Canvas Cloth

Vinyl Top Replacement Box Chevy Caprice / How To Replace LS Brougham Quarter Top with Canvas Cloth

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1987 Box Chevy Caprice Build. In this video I will be replacing the old LS quarter top vinyl with a canvas cloth also known as a fitted cap. Stay tuned and hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe.

Video Of Me Removing The Old Vinyl Top – Box Chevy Caprice Vinyl Top Removal / How To Remove LS Brougham Quarter Top –

Video Of Me Repairing The Rust Under The Old Vinyl Top – How To Repair Rust On A Car Without Welding With Fiberglass/Box Chevy Caprice Vinyl Top Rust Repair –

Glue I used on the top – DAP Weldwood Contact Cement Gallon HHR Industrial Grade Landau Top Trim –

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Jasen Arneson says:

imma cut you back on

Linn Scott says:

Man This Brother Is The Truth!!!!!!

troy Mcnair says:

Ok y'all spray way customs did it again with another tight ass this guy is the his videos you won't be disappointed.keep up the good work spray way customs.and keep them videos coming.

ArtiCat says:

Been here since 15k and always come back and rewatch your work. By for my favorite body work and fabrication channel for sure, I’ve always appreciated the years you’ve put in and bring it here to share with us, amazing work man I’m glad to be able to learn something from you

Hd 215 says:

Good stuff Bro I’m scared to see what’s under my vinyl top, thanks for the great video.

Lawrence Scott says:

You do top notch work! Meticulous, steady, never skipping a beat. You’re a true craftsman Bro! Keep it up!

Melvin Stubbs says:

Were can I get the rubber piece for shell the trimmings

Official LaJames says:

I need my car done what’s your info

Shano says:

Man…. I am so impressed with all your work. Excellent tutorials and very informative. You cover all aspects of the job and the results speak for themselves. Keep up the great work mate ! …(from Australia)

Martice Barber says:

Ah Sprayway if I want my full vinyl top caprice to have the LS quarter vinyl top is that possible…

Drew Edmond says:

How u done ya stitch

Gabriel Rodriguez says:

Great job buddy came out nice.

William Clemons says:

Nasty, am I surprised no!!! Once again a hard throw down.

Pushyhog says:

Incredible, glad l saw landau glue too.

piet mondrianstudent says:

That looks awesome! Great job! Where do you get the canvas? That is nice car

J Foster says:

I have a 1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz that came with the vinyl top already off and just the fiberglass shell. I thought I would be able to figure out how to put it back on but after watching your video I know now that I was wrong. I appreciate your video, saved me a costly mistake. Thanks

Dy Harvin says:

May GOD continue to bless your true skills. Shout out from Philly,pa. I need my 96 roadmaster done(half vinyl top). I'm trying to contact

Steve says:

Hell yeah that came out looking badass. Love your videos man. We have wildly different styles, but I've learned a ton from watching you. When I got to do my interior, I'll have a much better idea of what I'm doing thanks to you.

Eddy Bulich says:

Dude thats great work.

Will Robinson says:

Props bro! Appreciate the knowledge.

Gordy Foster says:

Why did you use canvas instead of vinyl? You do amazing work!!


How many yards of vinyl do you
think I need for the grand prix thanks

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