How to Replace Rear Wheel Bearing 1999-13 Chevy Silverado

How to Replace Rear Wheel Bearing 1999-13 Chevy Silverado

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A vibrating or groaning noise coming from a wheel tells you it’s time to replace the bearing! This wheel bearing is a direct replacement for the bearing in your vehicle’s solid axle. This video shows you how to install the bearing on your 1999-2007 Chevy Silverado.

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Donald Chump says:

i had that same bearing, except when i tried to install all the bearings fell out the race

Brandon Construction says:

By Far the best most descriptive video. I can't find Anything you didn't cover to the T…

rogerthemailman25 says:

I'm 73,,, you did a very very professional job of showing us "How to do the job correctly"!! Thankyou.

James Farmer says:

Down here on the gulf of Mexico, trucks that are that rusted out usually belong to shrimpers and sportsman who launch frequently in salt water.

Alfred Casias says:

Is it it the same process for either the driver or passenger side with the U clip??

bunky021543 says:

Great video! I had my left rear axle seal replaced about 6 months ago and after it was done shortly after I started hearing a grinding sound. I changed my pads, rotors, and calipers because it was time for them to be changed but shortly after that it started grinding even more. I guy I know said it sounds like my bearings were bad and it's possible but it's amazing that I had no grinding before I took it to the repair shop. They didn't replace the bearings and I believe they were old and probably damaged during reinstallation. I'm going to inspect them myself and this video was the perfect tutorial. Thank you!

Nesto Martinez says:

Thanks!!!! That’s a real “how to “ video !

Emmanuel Lopez says:

17:40 when you tug can there be little play or is it supposed to be stiff ??

elbie watson says:

Very professional video. Thorough and well-paced. Great camera angles and the mechanic speaks very well and gave great additional information that many mechanics would gloss over.

OnToBetterDays says:

What about the other drivers side axle?

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