Chevy Volt Shifter DIY Replacement: Shift To Park repair

Chevy Volt Shifter DIY Replacement: Shift To Park repair

DIY replacement to fix Chevy Volt “Action Required Shift to Park”

Newest Chevy Shifter Part #13534319 (unavailable when I filmed this)

4th older part number that I installed – 13520827



junebug1701 says:

Great video, Justin! I almost wish I had a Gen 2 to try this on! I am curious when you had the original part next to the new part if you saw any improvements or differences between them?

Jeff J says:

Top stuff and thumbs up for sure. I just completed my shift to park replacement myself in my garage thanks to your video (2017 Volt here), worked like a champ. Ordered the part for about $70 shipped from it was on back order but after about a week or so they shipped it out. Thanks for the great video.

sparkie001 says:

So what is the actual cause? Is there a microswitch that is going bad?

kip giordano says:

Great video. Dealer wants $600 to fix! With your help I think this will be a DIY project for me. Of course, you made it look very easy. Hopefully I wont tear it up too bad. Thanks

Eon Flux says:

Great video. Part is 60 on ebay.

Russ Gladchenko says:

Excellent video Justin! I think this will save a lot of people $400-500 bucks. I took mine to the dealer two weeks ago and they installed the 4th revision of the shifter assembly as well. So far I haven’t seen the issue comeback.

Charles Tupper says:

I have a Gen 1 Volt … so don't have the issue, but this is a really good video. Takes the time to got through the entire process with very good video and lighting. Good job!

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