Chevy Cruze 1.4 Cold Air Intake Install – DIY How To

Chevy Cruze 1.4 Cold Air Intake Install – DIY How To

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In this video, we install a cold air intake on this Chevy Cruze. This is on the 1.4 turbo engine.

Tools needed are in the video.



Xnitro67 says:

is it just me or is the turbo whisle only sounds like this on the manual version?

soul eater says:

That’s whack every car including my Cruz the filter is on top not down below like yours wtf lol good way to kick dirt and water into it

Shawn says:

I need help I installed same thing on my cruze and when I took it out and floor it the engine bogs out over 5 thousand rpm and shifting rough wats the issue? Did I stick filter on way to tight I shoved it hard up the pipe and clamped it and sensor is on tight all my clamps are tight to

Gio says:

Nice vid. Notice you have a lowering springs? How’s the ride with the lowering springs with the stock shocks? Thanks

Loooii says:

The water is my concern reaching the intake. Over all this is really bad ass installation good work

Blake MacRae says:

Would you have to get your car tuned after you put a cold air intake on

Mr Reed says:

I wish yours was the gen 2 LE2. : (

ItzWallyMan 100 says:

Thank God I watch this video before I purchased more things. But do you have to put the filter at the bottom? can you leave it on top?

Ryan Smith says:

What is the small tube at 2:42 on the lower side of the airbox? Is that another fresh air or something. Why would it be on the unfiltered side of the airbox?

j. s. says:

Is your car automatic ?

Marcel Crawford says:

You could've just pulled the whole air box out, without taking the top of the airbox off?

Alejandra says:

Anyone looking to buy it look for it on eBay it cost around 89 dollars

TheOriginal Energy says:

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Korey Mayo says:

Get a short intake and a 2.75 inch pipe instead! Your air filter will get super dirty super fast down in the wheel well and a 2.5 inch pipe will cause power loss and check engine light no matter how many times you reset it. Even adding a honeycomb air straightener will not fix check engine light if pipe is too narrow!

Do0ks says:

Any check engine lights? I've never had luck with size changes in pipes. Always make it run lean.

Angel Munoz says:

And then. And then. And then. And then. And then. And then.

Jordan Deardorff says:

How did it impact performance

Marcy Dart says:

What happens to the last hose you disconnected from the airbox?

PoloNoLogo says:

It looks like the filter got in the way of the wheel well ? And I heard that that intake fits both size cruzes – 1.4L turbo and 1.8L

TheNillaLenape says:

I hope you realize, that’s not the trottle body, that’s the turbo that the intake goes into…..

eddiefromcali says:

Still running this? How do/did you like it?

David Strong says:

That’s called a turbo not a throttle body dumbass

Robert Holsopple says:

My 2015 LTZ RS does NOT have the drain tube that yours has. I wonder if other parts are different and mabe that's why I dont get a check engine light and you do. I dont think so though. I would bet the maf plug was loose and that's why you got that light. I would pull that honeycomb thing out and try again because it would be slightly restricting your air flow and that is counterintuitive to a CAI. But then again, I saw other people on your video saying they had a CEL on as well so I dont know. Mabe there is some slight difference between our cars. It is worth another shot though without the honeycomb. I cant see why you would get a code and I dont and we have basicly the same motor. Mabe slightly different components? Lmk. This is interesting.

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