In this video we’re just going over the install so everyone can see the process and what you need to get them on and brake harder than ever. Also a parts list.

Here is what you need for the Cadillac brakes and hardware:

(4) M14-2.0 x 40 bolt
(4) M14 flat washer

(2) 13” cobra rotors

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Street Car Performance says:

Nice , what year spindles do you have on your fox ?

Aeternalis Armentarius says:

Believe it or not, this is a wasted adventure. The good ole cobra pbr set up is better unless you are running autocross events on the regular. It is lighter, and it still has slides. On the street you will get a better pedal feel and avoid "pad knock back" that you get on slide-less or 4 to 6 piston calipers. You are also less likely to get noise of any type. I have removed 4 and 6 piston set ups from cars for these reasons. The average guy just wants to be "cool" so believes race style brakes are the hip thing to do. Now, not all setups suffer from knock-back or make noise, but many do…. My opinion is unless you are using a full kit designed to work on a certain vehicle, it is best to leave it alone. Low brake pedal sucks, especially coming around a corner and exiting fast to then need to stop quickly. Knock-back will cause this scenario. It is from rotor hub and bearing flex and run-out issues…

Rotten Russ says:

I'm looking to do this same mod to my 2010 challenger. There is nothing on here on how to do it. I thank you for atleast giving me an idea on where to start!!

Kevin Pirnie says:

What brake lines do you need for this conversion?

feellnfroggy says:

Black with Atlantic blue rotors man! (im guessing youre already done though.

feellnfroggy says:

Dude, you need a drill press isntead of machine shop. Set your height, use a cutting wheel of some sort, like Forsner style bits and vertical cut little by little. You can set your stops and measure really accurate with drill press.

garret wilder says:

Here is some good info Togo along with your video. Great video guys.. keep it up, you're out here helping us all.

Mike Abney says:

Also the big 6 piston calipers from the s 550 use the same mounting as the smaller 4 piston ones so theoretically if the 4 fit so will the 6. you can buy the 6 piston ones new from various online part vendors for about 250 a caliper. And if you want them in red, the bullitt calipers are the exact same, just painted bright red with a white label straight from ford and the are the same price.

Mike Abney says:

the s550 mustang gt front brakes are also 4 piston brembos, they are just unlabeled. you might want to check with someone who upgraded to the 15" six piston setup on his s 550, he would probably sell them dirt cheap. the four piston setup is the standard gt front brake and is the upgraded performance pack brake on the EcoBoost mustang

Allan Collins says:

I like your all’s work, you do things like I do not out spending 10k getting by on what you can afford, I have a ‘99 svt cobra full bolt on but keep busting tranys, I’m going to do a complete rebuild in the spring, the car only has 98k miles on it

Van Ice says:

Are the rotors standard mustang? What size are they? 13?

Andrew Cuevas says:

I heard down the grapevine that the Focus RS has the same calipers as the 2000 cobra R. Any insight on this? And will fit no problem

Andrew Cuevas says:

You guys in the 619?

Chad Austin says:

Great video y’all keep the good content flowing!! Do the brakes clear 17×8 sn95 gt wheels at all?

John Winn says:

So, what booster and/or master cylinder are you using?

Robert Stocking says:

Ok Nephew we bout to put a poll out on when and if you guys need to build your Uncle Bob a Stang so I can be part of yall crew lol keep up the great work Nephew's but you guys need to build me a car with that snap on money you got lol love you guys

Tee Lopez says:

Hey did you shave material of the brake pads?? And are u uploading a video of the final results of the caliper color


Man paint them bitches red

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