Cadillac CTS Valve Cover And Intake Gasket Repair 2003-2004

Cadillac CTS Valve Cover And Intake Gasket Repair 2003-2004

The Cadillac CTS “03-04” has common issues with it’s crank case pressure. Once the pressure issue is resolved, it can leave you with a blown out/defective valve cover gaskets that continue to leak. If you need to fix the crank case pressure issue, I have that how to video as well. LINK:

While you’re repairing the valve cover, it’s a good idea to replace the intake gaskets as well, all of which can be found on my websites store. LINK:

Another repair that can be done with this tutorial video is the “oil cooler”, it happen to sit in the middle of the engine block between the two cylinder heads.

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Air says:

i agree 100 percent you must use permatex on these rubber gaskets in these northstar engines to finally get them sealed but Felpro the gasket manufacturer absolutely does not agree with our method and they state you should never use permatex on rubber gaskets like i mentioned i agree with you but im just simply saying what Felpro suggests just so people watching this video can see this thanks great video brother 😉

Logan Ballabina says:

Bro this video is so in-depth and you offer great tips and help. Especially for me, who is just starting to delve into the DIY mechanic work, this was very simple and easy to understand. Can’t thank you enough.

gunfighterdrummer says:

I'm having a hard opening the hood. Should I still try this?

Marc Wilkinson says:

Great video, thanks! I have a coolant leak and was thinking it was either the oil cooler or a head gasket. The coolant is running down the back of the engine on top of the transmission. Sound like a common problem?

Errol Faber says:

I really enjoyed this video. It was very informative. But I have a question I also have a 2003 CTS and I'm trying to replace a part but I don't know the name of it but I have pics of the part. Can you help me.

Brrnnan Burg says:

What size motor is that?

Eliab Delgado says:

Love the video definitely is gonna help

4Xprops !!!! says:

All I can say is thank you for an awesome video!

bighurk30 says:

Good job that's a lot of work

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