cadillac 2006 cts light switch turning signal and steering wheel replacement tutorial

cadillac 2006 cts light switch turning signal and steering wheel replacement tutorial

how to replace and switch your light switch. and taking of the air bag connectors and also how to remove the steering wheel step by step very helpful tutorial to watch if you are doing anything around your steering wheel

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Becca Ruiz says:

I hate an '07 Cadillac CTS and my left turn singles won't work (Front and Back) I replaced both bulbs and still nothing. And to top it off my high beams turn on when I use my right turn signal lol someone help!

Matthew Mitchell says:

I'm not a mechanic how hard is it to do. My high beam come on when it use the right turn signal is that the part I need to replace. Any help would be great. Thank you. Its a 2006 cts

rpm371 says:

Remove the key cylinder, then you can remove the bottom cover.

El Rodriguez says:

I have a question? My headlights for my 06 Cadillac cts dont turn on. I bought new lights nd still dont turn on.. do u kno wat could it be?

low boost says:

Hey do u discount the battery? Cuz the last time one of my friends did that his keys got stuck

Juan Medina says:

I have the same car but have you ever had the a.c. clutch not stop working or maybe climate control?

Theo says:

Just the video I needed thanks!

MrCougar214 says:

I have to do this to a friends 2007 CTS. His switch is so bad it is shutting the car down when he turns anything on in the switch. It's also killing his car when he puts it in gear. i HATE how car manufactures are integrating EVERYTHING these days. Back in my day, before computers, you would NEVER guess a electrical switch would be the cause of a car's engine shutting down. By the way, if you remove the steering wheel first, you can gain access to that screw next to the ignition. Also, there is a small hole just below the ignition switch, push it in and the key tumbler slides right out allowing you to remove the bottom column cover as well.

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