How to Replace Inner & Outer Tie Rod 2005-2009 Buick LaCrosse

How to Replace Inner & Outer Tie Rod 2005-2009 Buick LaCrosse

2005 Buick LaCrosse

Quick vid on how to replace the inner and outer tie rod. This job may be hard or simple depending on your skill set but either way this a good vid for those needing info on how to do so………..THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!


*Please be aware that I am not responsible for you actions in any type of way. If you get injured during the job or damage other parts including the engine I’M NOT RESPONSIBLE! Always work with safety and please do your research



Dylahn Rossi says:

Please start listing torque specifications on description

Eric Halgren says:

Worst mechanic ever!

Peter Demerly says:

Good tutorial but your language is vulgar,offensive,and disgusting

Matthew Bucher says:

I don't know about cutting of the old tie rod bolt. Kinda unprofessional mechanic.

Victor H Martinez says:

It's a fucking good video shit tanks bro…!!!

ryan lewellyn says:

My goodness….such terrible language. How on earth is this acceptable? It hurt my fuckin ears so much I shit myself

A.L S. says:

Thanks for the great video! It helped me replace an inner tie rod in my '08 Chevy Impala SS (which utilizes pretty much the same rack-and-pinion system).

Greg Parks says:

just cut that shit the fuck off!….not how I would do it, but, I like it. Now I gone to try that on my car and save about a grand with 4 tie rods and one wheel hub.

Thomas Fuller says:

I have a 2005 Buick lacrosse and my left front boot is leaking power steering fluid. If that's the case do I need a whole new rack and pinion? Anyone?

1Bigredox says:

Very nicely done. Excellent video, and audio.

Garry Horbul says:

you suck big time

Jorge Martinez says:

When making a tutorial, you should really keep the language clean. You'll lose a lot of your audience because of it.

Cyusa Gil says:

hey , i bought a Buick allura clx 2006 a week ago , but i need to change pads and rotors and wheel bearing for it to pass the inspection, my question is : do i have to change the tie rod as well?

Chris Tallant says:

Awesome job, bud! Doing this today on an 04 Rendez… And yes, it's "CASH"-ing.

john white says:

Love the "cuttin it the fuck off" thats so

Mark Soto says:

Great video bro

Alan Scott says:

Thanks man I saw my inner was damaged after an accident. I was hoping I wouldn't have to replace the whole gear assembly. Other than the inner tie rod the rest looks good and Im glad to see I can just replace this one easy part. Good video loved it.

l967nova says:

You use language of a moron..Grow up and get an education…

Semaja TheShyGirl says:

oh my goodness this is so funny because I just ran into the same exact problem I'm doing my inner and outer tie rod ends…. 2004 Buick Rendezvous.

Patrick Sheehy says:

this video is very informative but in the future could you tone down the language.

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