How to Change Buick Lucerne Battery

How to Change Buick Lucerne Battery

How to Change Buick Lucerne Battery

Not the Battery Used but the one I was going to Order

New Version of HP Tuners I used
Cheaper Scan Tool

So I went out this morning to start the car and it barely turned over. It has been doing this randomly but not that it is cold the battery is dying. The Buick and Several other GM Cars have the battery located under the rear seat. Im not sure if there is a reason for it but thats where it is. Today I went to the Parts store and picked up a new battery. Normally I would order it but had to have it today. Crazy that I have all these cars and none to drive lol. This video will be a how to on a Buick Lucerne battery replacement and odb scan. Let me know what you think in the comments below….

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Video Equipment used to make this video(Need to update)
Gopro Hero 6 Black
Gopro Session
Osmo gopro adapter
Video editing
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William Dorrit says:

Stop apologizing and post more Lucerne videos
the field is wide open
there are near zero Lucerne repair vids…

Tawnya Worcester says:

Thanks! My daughter's Lucerne needs a new battery, there is only one parts store that install them and they charge $90!

Kjol Lahti says:

Thanks for showing how easy it was to swap one out.

Drive secure 247 says:

I saw Buick Lucerne on craigs and called the seller he said car needs a battery he said may need to have shop install he said have to remove backseat and carpet he said its a big job had second thoughts about the car after watching your video nothing to it pics of the car look good 120 k miles asking 2700 i going to check it out Thanks for the info

Betty Dillingham says:

Never put a tool on the positive terminal while the negative cable is connected!

Veronica Morales says:

Love my buicks

Veronica Morales says:

Beautiful car

BIGWAYNE918 says:

Very helpful, I drive a lucerne

D Carder says:

Take the NEG (black) cable off FIRST, put it on LAST. That way your wrench never touches ground while touching the POS.

42luke says:

That’s actually a very good spot. Avoids corrosion to the terminals that way and geta you to clean the back seats while not getting grease on you.

cleared hot says:

Nice video, I heard you say that you used to work at GM. 2 questions,
1. My rear brake lights stay on while driving
2. Collision warning lights are staying on the
side mirrors. Any suggestions or ideas?

Dezzy Gaming says:

My friend gave me one it was overheating shut off has no power And he got it from the auction should I keep and fix?

dks13827 says:

I asked the oil change guys where is the battery in my Lucerne ? They did not know.

dks13827 says:

Battery Engine Cold Cranking Amps

MT-79 V8/4.6L 840

MT-79 V6/3.8L 840 Anyone know the Costco price ?

B Gav says:

Best part about this video is how you kept saying no one wanted to see you working on a daily driver. I have an ‘09 Lucern Super that just broke 550HP on the dyno last Saturday. 550.2 to be exact. I love “daily drivers”.

DoubleDeltaHoundog says:

Thanks Pard for the information
Pro quality instructions

Dianne Roberts says:

Dude! You call that dirty??????
Oh that's right, you don't transport KIDS in that car! And you are a GUY! Hence you think it is dirty!
Thanks for the info… was expecting a LOT harder process cause the parts store said write-up said "difficult installation" and referenced 45 minutes to install

Marquis says:

I'm looking into purchasing a 2011. Any cons? Also I like that touch screen after market stereo! Please send the link of the product.

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