G body Regal walk around, Regal full hydraulic install

G body Regal walk around,  Regal full hydraulic install

Whats up everyone, in this video im just doing a quick walk around on this uncut regal that i will be doing a full install on.
Prepare for gbody content.
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Jose Mota says:

Good afternoon sir I jst purchased an 85 regal was wondering how much u would charge to install switches

Walter Marquez says:

Can’t go wrong with a G- Body-Buick-Regal, I know, Iv owned mine for 16 years-> Beautiful cars

Toons E says:

Where is the vid for this install

Toons E says:

Hw much u usually charge bro on the install

Freddy Boy says:


nikhorse says:

Are there plans on doing more to this g body?

Leo Garcia says:

Hey carnal i want to take my hydros off my regal can u help out I have only lil of experience I've decided to do stock on it and probably get me a 64 and put the hydros on that ?

Mark1700 says:

I’d like to see a bridge done. I’m bout to put one in my 96 fleetwood since I found blown out rear perches

CochinoMan 71 says:

For a rear set up what coils do you use? 1 ton??? would 1 tons? it's for a 1994 cadillac fleetwood

Leo Garcia says:

Are does 14s ?

Enoka Poi says:

Hey bro I’m from New Zealand I wanna come over to the states to buy a lowlow I was wondering if you could help me buy a car?

Guero Solis says:

Take care of that Astro moonroof, drive cables and motor is expensive, interior/exterior glass weather stripping are available new at fair price, double check 4 hoses on tray for cracks or dirt/leaves. I LOVE REGALS

Scott Lemons says:

Cool a G Body i can relate to this build cause i have one a 82 Monte I'm sure its gonna turn out badass Bro

Kevin n Kade's LowRider Addiction says:

Looks like a fun build to whatch…Im Down..

Julien Gremm says:

luv that what is the color code/name?

Angel Rios says:

Hell yea can’t wait my is done now just need to work on paint

Q. Middleton says:

What is the name of that color?

Barbara Hernandez says:

Bad ass new it was a regal

Brian Perkins says:

Square out the spare tire well and put the extra batts there would look sweet.

Barbosa 602 says:

I would do 1.5 inches on front 2 and 2.5 stick out to much looks dumb

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