2001 Buick Park Avenue AC Compressor Clutch Replacement

2001 Buick Park Avenue AC Compressor Clutch Replacement

Replacement of an AC Compressor Clutch on a 2001 Buick Park Avenue. The Bearing inside the Compressor Pulley was making a horrendous noise when the clutch was not engaged. When the AC Clutch engaged the noise went away. That’s indicative of a bad bearing on the AC Pulley.

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Marty Meyer says:

Excellent job

American Patriot says:

I have seen videos showing the pulley coming off with a mallet, no puller. Is the pulley press fit on the compressor? I have a 2000 Monte Carlo.

Mike says:

Got stuck at the puller. Couldn’t get the compressor to move down after unbolting it. No angle/room to get the puller on.

dennis rockwell says:

THANK YOU, Charles, I think my brother Charlie has the same problem with his 2001" LeSabre LT" good video, I am 81 and my younger brother is 79 with your clear instructions, we will get her done! THANKS again, GOD BLESS

Burpo Stockings says:

I like how you mentioned something as trivial as the belt going on backwards. It will squeal, because its not used to that side, but its not a huge problem. Your belt squeals, sand it down with 1200 grain and youre good

Eddie A says:

Nicely done. Sometimes you have to work with what's available and the fancy tools are not needed.

chocolatcolumbo says:

How do I tell if it’s the clutch or the actual compressor that’s bad? My 2000 Grand Prix makes a scratching noise and the clutch spins super slow. I can’t get it to turn off either. Not sure if I just need a new clutch or a new compressor

Jim Antonellis says:

Nice video, I have a 2002 Monte Carlo, basically the same deal. Every few months, the clutch gap grows until it wont engage. I have a 2×4 that I use to press it back on. Why is it backing off every few months?

lewis weathers says:

I have a question for you I have 2001 bulck and it keeps running hot now so what cost that now

Izom says:

so you dont get the fckn pulley of without that pullers??? :-/

Chris Lemaster says:

I just got a brand new AC Delco GM OEM compressor off of Ebay for 149.20 with tax and shipping. It costed me 175 for labor and recharge

Rob Fraley says:

Can you remove the whole compressor from the wheel well or do you have to remove the compressor from the top?

Dean H says:

Thanks Charles. Have the same car (& color lol). Same problem. Have the parts & install kit so ready to go. Don't know what part of country you are in but here in New England, the brake lines rust terribly. Recently upgraded to all new Stainless brake lines (9 piece kit was relatively inexpensive) I think $150. Putting on new fuel line kit soon as well ($178 delvd) for same reason. Not necessarily a GM fan but I inherited this car and I am impressed with the ride, handling & fuel economy of the 3.8. 130K and runs like new. Near new Michelins, all new brakes, newer rear shocks, all new hubs and synthetic oil since new…what's not to like lol.

LazyH-Online says:

So what if you don't have an impact to remove that center nut? Is there a way to hold the hub in place to remove the nut with a socket wrench?

Tyler L says:

what if i want to put a bypass pulley on? is it really hard to get the compressor off? is that why you did all this on the car instead of off?

Freon Davis says:

Great video , no useless info to extend run time, thanks.

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