Sprint Booster V.3 Ultimate Control. INSTALL AND REVIEW. E46 BMW

Sprint Booster V.3 Ultimate Control.  INSTALL AND REVIEW.   E46 BMW

Johnston Research And Performance (JRP) has hooked me up with the new Sprint Booster v.3 to test. I was skeptical at first, but I discovered that I really like it. The super fast throttle response is very welcome in a drive-by-wire car. Downshifts are where it will make the most difference for me on the track. I also test the valet mode and pedal lock mode.

You can get one at sprintboosterusa.com

To clarify, this device amplifies the signal of the throttle pedal, allowing you to get to full throttle quicker.



krupsa 12 says:

noone is going to talk abou the grug store in background 5:56

Sprok56 says:

Done a lot of bolt ons in my car and sprint booster has had the most noticeable change

i mac says:

Is it worth using it on a bmw e60 520 diesel ?

Asian Sensation says:

So glad Thomas kept with his channel and look at him now!

M Lif3 says:

Hi would this work on my e92 m3 2008

Gailm Rutland says:

These have come a long way, but to answer the question which I imagine by now you know, this DRAMATICALLY improves 30-70, 40-80 times, and passing, …..just not on snow, LOL!

TheSweetSoySauce says:

It essentially makes it breathe better from what I read here in the comments

LuV2SPDup says:

Very informative video, thanks!

thomas ratay says:

Your supposed to stop the vehicle when you change the settings!

Skynet Media says:

Does the sprint booster eliminate the throttle adaptation? I'm sick of the adaptations caused by rush hour traffic.

S65M3_ Enthusiast says:

Very thorough review!

arni0202 says:

I have a 2015 Genesis Sedan. So it's a CVT transmission… My issue is initial throttle from a stop gives me a hesitation, it's not traction control per say, but the computer seems to think for a second before it let's the car go… like it's "checking" for traction before it goes.
Would this help eliminate that? It drives me crazy! and I'd be so sad if spending $300 didn't fix it lol. Thanks for any replies 🙂

awdaltima2 says:

I love how many views this video has for your Toronto Rust bucket…. good for you.

VGK46 says:

I love my sprint booster!

Joseph Gentile says:

Has a anyone installed this in a 2019 Tacoma with automatic transmission? Would like on what you though of the performance after the install? Thank you!

Teresa Kurnat says:

Did you see a difference in manual and auto mode? I noticed you have a stick shift.

Bruce Rexrode says:

Any chance this would do damage of any sort???

stllda909 says:

According to your vid you have had it for 4 years. Do you still like it? Any issues?

Joel Crow says:

Deep from the archives of Throttle House….this gem! Extra points for using a throttle booster in the snow #aintneverscared 🙂

Hans Turpyn says:

does the memory store the last mode you was driving in when you turn off en and on the car again? Would be annoying if you need to set the right mode every time you get in the vehicle again.

Scott Brixey says:

One car that it IS worth it on is an R53 Mini Cooper s. They have SUCH a sluggish pedal, and especially with the supercharger, it definitely helps make the car a lot more fun, and at least makes it FEEL faster, from a roll

Juraj Suchán says:

i went the ECU tune way, which is probably the cheapest solution to throttle response…

Everett blue says:

just got an e46 330ci zhp so im currently binge watching TH e46 videos

Joe says:

Why is people taking the pedal out ? Just unplug the wire and plug in the device to the pedal and plug the device to the pedal harness and done it's simple plug and play

Luke Farmer says:

It is not making your car faster it is making it quicker. So yes it is making your car more powerful the same as a 1/4 mile motor is made to react faster therefore getting to the end of the track faster/ quicker. It’s not fooling you into thinking your are making more power, it is making more power that your car already has by giving it to you sooner, how fast work can be done is part of the definition of horsepower,

TheGoose31 says:

The only thing this does is make the car think you are flooring it when you are halfway. So i guess its only good for people who are afraid to push their gas pedal to the floor..what an absolute joke

Ken Rodriguez says:

Best review that I’ve seen. Opening up the TB faster makes sense. First person to explain it that way helps.

Logan says:

wouldnt this make your car faster?? it wouldnt increase power, but if youre getting access to power sooner… wouldnt that decrease your 0-60/ 1/4mile time?

Sheepdog protection & survival says:

It may knock off a bit 0-60 time.. your getting to the horse power you have much quicker than normal

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