How to Replace BMW BATTERY without PROGRAMMING

How to Replace BMW BATTERY without PROGRAMMING

How to Replace BMW BATTERY without PROGRAMMING demonstrated on BMW 745Li.

The video is meant of entertainment purposes only. Do not Attempt!

Hey guys, if you have a 1999 or Newer BMW and you need to replace the battery you can do it without going to the dealer and pay around 250 for labor and programming. We have done it on many cars with no problem. You can occasionally get a traction light on but once you drive the car for 2 minutes it will go away. This just a demonstration to show if you can replace the battery without warning lights, The correct way is to have the new battery programmed.

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Michael Ålund says:

Is this method effective even on my BMW F10 2011?

julini says:

Good grief, to think I wanted to buy this damn thing, why can't they just be practical.

calvin carson says:

Do the alternator have to be program to the computer on a 08 gmc v8 6.0

You'll Like It Too says:

Nice looking cars…WAY too complicated for this simple service..

daniel walls says:

can i just connect my wife's mazda to mine with jump cables to get the same result or does it have to be a battery charger?

Donna Peroche says:

That has got to be one of the most wacked out accents I have ever hear. It's either that or this guy has been sucking too much cock

G SOULJA says:

Awesome information we'll try next time I need a battery thanks guys

tony Kari says:

Thanks brother … saved me 250$ respect … what's that tool called to charge it up at 12V while taking the old battery out

Lawrence Frierson says:

Thanks man.
Great video. Great information.

ktm640lc4BGD says:

this is not good for new battery. when you register new one the car resets its charging cycle and gives more charging power to the battery. car has a timer and in time gives less power every year. so if you do this the car will continue giving the battery less power thinking there is an old battery will not use full capacity of your battery and you will end up using new battery 30-40% less time before it dies. when you register new one you can use it even 5-6 years. without registration maybe 3-4 years. search ebay for cheap reset tools.

raymondo lopez says:

You need to explain if the car is on and where your attaching the jumper cables too

Tien Le says:

Please don't ever let me be the boss at BMW… I will fire all the idiot that design battery replacement…. F you… I have promised myself not to work on car again…. It always left a mark in my ugly hands… I like nice hand girls so my hands need to be decent…. Cheers….

fit nation says:

U can.just keep Engine runing and and don it

Flexing101 says:

Man you have the best videos

samouray says:

Its just me or someone else more was mental singing a RAP after 30 secs of video?

G SOULJA says:

what is A158 battery disconnection (closed-circuit current).
A15D battery, exhaustive discharge.
A148 control module fault

Daniel Kane says:

It looks like there has been water in the trunk, I'm thinking that you should make sure that water is not leaking into the trunk as it can create problems, there is a BMW Class action lawsuit about this….

Smash Grab says:

AWSOME… I was 300 miles from home battery took a dive. AAA would not touch, Good Samaritan assisted with jumper cables from his vehicle. Thank you

Nour Jebokji says:

and by the way this is not the Honda or Toyota or Nissan Orr Chevrolet or Ford or Dodge this is a 7 series BMW Top Notch computers and processors you have to do everything properly otherwise you can miss a lot of things up the seven serious they are really small cars they can even record the way you drive I think you should know what I'm trying to tall yall

Nour Jebokji says:

no you wrong you have to register the battery when you replace the battery you have to plug in a computer and register it otherwise he can cause problems the alternator or battery or sometime and modules

James B says:


David Westernall says:

BMW Mechanic here, please do not follow this video. The clue should be the warning on the dash to recharge the battery, the car knows this because of the power management system of the car, it is smart enough to even handle the charging on the battery based on age and condition. If you do not go through registration of a new battery, the power management system has will treat the new battery the same as the old, not what want even if the batteries are identical. You do NOT need to go the dealer to do this, spend $20 to get a ICOM emulation cable from eBay, you'll be able to do far more than just register a battery as well.

Kkkamen1 says:

The whole idea of registering the battery is the car to know how to charge it. You can replace it without registering, but it will not be optimally charged. So, that's a cheap, but wrong way of doing it

Stephen C says:

This is the better way to replace a battery on a newer model by always leaving 12V in the system, the car's sensors/computer won't require resetting. If you don't have a jumpstarter, then using the low output charge setting on a battery charger should do the same. There are two people in the video and I believe one is holding the Battery Positive Cable preventing it from contacting the body (Negative). If doing this job alone, one has to be careful otherwise a short will trigger problems.

Freddy Acevedo says:

what device did you disconnect?

TK one says:

Thanks for sharing!

Tony Ackers says:

BMW have adaptive charging and power management systems. Part of this management is monitoring the battery’s
capacity and its charge and discharge profiles. When a battery is changed, the power management system needs to be run through a
diagnostic cycle in order to properly recognize (register) the different battery and the different capacity, charge and discharge profiles.
If the new battery is not “registered” the vehicle will run and the battery will charge. However, in the long run, the life of the battery
will likely be compromised due to improper charging parameters.

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