How to replace a valve cover gasket – BMW N54 335i

How to replace a valve cover gasket – BMW N54 335i

Tara had a burning smell coming from her air vents and an inspection at BMW found a leaking valve cover gasket. To save $1500, she does this DIY, ordering the part from ECS Turning for under $50. It is quite a challenging repair that took several hours. It is recommended that you replace other parts, but in this video, only the gasket is replaced.

This is the link for gasket:

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Thanks to @jackp0t__ and @thedipdr for your assistance!



عبدالمحسن الجبري says:

very very good

Fun2 Drive says:

Tara nice job.

paul savety says:

Even though i've replaced valve cover gaskets before I don't think I would do it on my bmw. Strong work Tara. Also, somebody's been working on their fitness.

BusyBeeCompany says:

Its weird that a $50 item can be charged $1500 to repair but the 5 hours work is a lot of time…thankful to the university of youtube…you can go at your own rate and simply reverse the actions to reinstall everything….you didn't mention torch settings on the head when replacing but its easy enough to find out…just the fact an owner can do it themselves is help enough.

Joshua Moua says:

I'm not saying I want your oil pan gasket to leak but I'd like to see you do that video one day. It's actually a lot of work.

Joshua Moua says:

Sorry if I missed it but did you replace the bolts too? I did mine last year and reused the old bolts and now it's starting to leak again. It's recommended to replace the old bolts as well.

crimp creep says:

TVTara, you made/saved bank that day. Don't forget to release pressure on fuel rail, usually at the Schrader Valve before removing! Great Job.

ride probs says:

1500 just for gasket replacement. On my toyota i wouldnt take more than 50…

Tom Boyd says:

Tara, really good job on the video. Great to the point demonstration. Keep up the great work.

Black Panther says:

You need gloves dear.

Robert Colón says:

Awesome! I actually was helping my Father with this replacement last summer on His Wife’s car. You kicked ass! Hard work pays off! Smart!

Fernando fontoura barbosa says:

Belo vídeo e assunto interessante. Abraço! Ficou mais linda ainda, teu rosto é um desenho! Nice video, and interesting subject. Hug! You look even more beautiful, your face is a drawing!

pmodd says:

Ahh, the joy of Euro cars; torx bolts everywhere and parts stacked on each other like a game of Jenga. You did a great job Tara, but if you had a dirty Nissan with an RB25 or SR20, you could have finished in 40 minutes max. 😉

John Smith says:

Well done. It was well explained and great shots. The feeling of fixing a problem in your car and learning how things work, makes me feel it’s more pleasure than a hassle. It’s not fun all the time tho lol

blackmarvel666 says:

Great video! Definitely time consuming. But you didnt shy away! Give yourself a big pat on the back!

koston says:

How many miles does your car have? Another great video btw 🙂

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