How to replace a front brake caliper on BMW 3 E46 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to replace a front brake caliper on BMW 3 E46 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

How to replace a front brake caliper on BMW 3 E46 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC

Top brands that produce front brake calipe: BOSCH, STARK, SACHS, SKF, VAN WEZEL, VALEO, LuK, MAPCO, A.B.S., ATE.

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RZA77 says:

I'm just here for the song. Great video as usual.

TonyS says:

Nice video. The bleeding of the brake is suspect but I get the idea behind replacing the caliper nonetheless. If you can share a video how to properly bleed the brake system on an e46 that would be awesome.

Anthony Lee says:

After the brake line is detached from the caliper, will the brake fluid continue to flow out? In the video, the brake fluid was bled for a few seconds through the bleeding valve. Is that good enough to get rid of all the air in the system? Thanks for a great video.

David Cordova says:

The bolts to remove the caliper are allen or torx..?? Tanxs..

Real St-Hilaire says:

Good vidéo thank you clean job

MrUglily says:

He even got the wheel on the first try

Steward says:

clear video as always. your videos are awesome. thnx

Steve says:

Your videos are always great. Kudos to the mechanic.

Vaughan Thomas says:

No grease on the slider pins???

Dubai Drives says:

Is there any reason that this can cause of body vibration ?!

Info Pcomp says:

What about brake fluid??? It will leak out normally, so where is it?? Use a clamp to save having to bleed ALL the brakes as it will empty system!

Richie Strickland says:

What's the special 14mm spanner ?

Simon Thomas says:

Good video, however the guy didn't tighten up the brake line using the special 14mm spanner. He only wound the caliper back on? Can't see him doing it back up again tightly.

Cheeko The Man says:

This was awesome.. No words needed! But damn if when I did it, you will see signs of struggle and cussing and some wrinkled forehead concentration… This dude a robot?!!! This Mario brother mechanic is like "I do this with eyes close, but can't or they will know I'm a robot"…lol.. No facial expression whatsoever..!! Level: pro

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