How To Change Fuel Filter – BMW E46 DIY

How To Change Fuel Filter – BMW E46 DIY

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Today I show you how to replace your fuel filter on a BMW 325i but the process is the same for other e46 models. 330i 328i 323i


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-S54 swapped E46 Sedan
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-Ankur but you can call me Jason
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-Alhambra, CA
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Jenz says:

can you please do an EWS delete? 🙂

Tyler Aldridge says:

Help!!! Rough shifting on my 03 e46. Has cog light on after new maf. Super rough shifting downshifting and upshifting. It's an automatic. Please help!!!!!!

MrNicoe36cabrio says:

Great DIY again. Most of the owners didn't replace it because the filter isn't visible. I did my friend's e46 318i n46 2003, and it was never replaces before for 150t mls :0 . After that the engine had a much better start…. The n46 has this type of filter too. But maybe the e46 N46B18 was not sold in the USA..?…

Thomas Seifu says:

Bavarian Autosport have nice kit for the hoses and clamps.

Ben Gonzalez says:

Looks sooooooo easy with a lift. I did this in my garage without a lift and was a pain in the butt. I couldn't get proper leverage and my hand slipped. I ended up with a huge gash on my right hand.

MLT Gaming-San says:

My m3 is 05 and it has some kind of regulator in the from of filter are you familiar with this?

CVLOGS says:

Hey brother ! Mind if I ask what camera are you using?

renragged says:

I've still got to do this. One of the few remaining things to take care of on my E46. Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work!

Randy Barrientos says:

how often you suppose to replace your fuel filter?

Jayash patel says:

I did this and the best way is to remove the pump fuse and start the car few times. Takes the pressure and less fuel on the fuse hose and filter. I did prime it 3 times and still would not start took 8 attempts before car start and works fine. Initially I thought I did something wrong but clearly I didn't. I was not aware of the clamps. I put cheap ones they snapped so I just put better ones after that. Did not know you can get fuel clamps

Jesus Montes says:

Dude your videos are awesome. Helped me change out my transmission! This one on the other hand. I bought a new fuel pump from 'All Import Auto Parts' almost a year ago. I've been having this starting problem for a while now. Sometimes I have to crank the car a few times to start it and other times it just starts. No known vacuum leaks however, I haven't changed out my fuel filter. My question is, would a bad fuel filter cause starting problems? Mine is a 2002 325i almost 200k miles. It's like I can almost tell there's some issue right under my driver seat like the gas doesn't reach the injectors.

Michael Hector says:


Will Watson says:

Would you recommend running the car without the fuel pump fuse to flush out some of the petrol before hand?

Caddi Man says:

I did a set of valve covers for a customer on a 2007 750 li, 3 times already and they still leak like hell. Any recommendations on where to buy new ones cheap instead of BMW dealer?

Matt Zamora says:

What a coincidence that you just posted this vid. I just ordered a new fuel filter a couple days ago. Thanks for the vid!

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