How to change BMW E90 3 series Starter Motor DIY replacement quick 2005 325i N52 e91 e92 e93 e9x

How to change BMW E90 3 series Starter Motor DIY replacement quick 2005 325i N52 e91 e92 e93 e9x

Hi guys this is a E90 DIY video. Its a video on how to Change a starter Motor on a 2005 325i e90. This guide is also good for the E91 e92 e93, thou the battery location may vary.

this is the link to my in depth tour on this car…

I have tried to make this video as simple as possible.

The parts I used…

BMW E90 325i automatic
Engine type (N52)
Left hand drive.
Russian Market
(Built on September 2005)

β€’ Starter motor (Original part number by BMW 12412354701 )

β€’ Set of alu. screws starter (original BMW part number 12410392577)

β€’ Set of manifold profile gaskets Original Part Number (11617547242)

I used this website to find my part numbers

The sound clip for the intro is off a bmw e36 I found on youtube. its a creative common reuse clip. here is the link

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Ring Bimmer says:

Good video. Its easier in the Z4 with the same engine. More room! πŸ™‚

David Ellis says:

Sorry to say but it is a pain in the butt to work on bmw engines. Luckily you had passed the test!

Robert says:

Nice video. Thank you. Moves quickly through the steps required to complete this challenging job. Identifies the tools needed. I just today completed the same replacement on my '06 325i N52. I think it deserves to be mentioned that the top bolt on the starter is not so easily removed unless you have the right tools. I ended up purchasing a GearWrench E14 Universal E-torx Bit Socket (Part 80983). There was not enough room to get an e-Torx socket+ swivel adapter + ratchet in there between the firewall and the bolt head but having the combined swivel torx socket made it possible.

The other frequently encountered issue omitted from this video is the crank case hose that runs across the back of the engine in the area of the starter. It instantly broke upon removing the manifold or other parts in the area. Apparently this hose (wrapped in a wire and covered in foam) becomes brittle and is easily broken as happened in my case. Replacement part is about $30 but there is a wire with a plug attached to the hose. That wire on a widely used replacement part (Non-OEM) is not long enough to reach the plug where it is attached. And the receiving plug is not easily visible either. I did what someone else recommended and cut the new insulated wire, exposed the two wires and spliced them to the existing old wire that I cut when removing the old hose. This avoided the need to unplug the old and reattach the new plug and there was plenty of wire to work with. The clamps on either end of the hose itself are also difficult to get off. A bit easier getting them back on.

Also, excellent reference to the need to avoid closing the trunk once you disconnect the battery. Wish I had seen this before I did the job! Fortunately my key worked after a few panicked moments of jiggling. I should add that I purchased the replacement starter on Amazon from Bosch (11/18). It was remanufactured and came with a $75 rebate once the old core was returned making the part cost about $60 net. Decent price. Happy to report that the car turned over immediately after sitting for 4 months.

Gordon Harrison says:

awesome vid bruv! thank a tone!

BallsDeep RacingDevelopments says:

Brilliant vid. Thanks ed milliband !


just what I was looking for! Cheers Matt! For godness sakes give her a bloody good wash engine bay and all. She deserves better.

A K EUC says:

Very good write book value is 3hours those alloy bolts r a must. They heat n stretch and will strip be careful. You may as well port and polish the throttle body while it's out knife edge gains greater throttle response change the butterfly flap for even move power and check out for a routed spacer for greater response spirals the airflow for more power out if what BMW say is their best engine 3.0 straight 6 although in my considered opinion it's the V8

Mick Markwick says:

Wow, that is just CRAZY lucky he knows what he's doing!! I liked the video Thanks for sharing!

Lando_FK7 says:

I think my starter went out on my bmw 325i the battery works fine and the fuel pump turns on but it wont start. Did you use a genuine bmw starter or what starter did you replace it with?

Matthew RK says:

Yo man, new video is out!!

Matthew RK says:

Yo dude! I just found your channel and tbh I think you deserve more subscribers. This video was soo good!! I actually make BMW videos myself and would love for you to check it out. Thanks!

kc4ril says:

Hmmm, I was looking for a video that would allow me to blame the creator for my mistakes I guess I'll have to look elsewhere for that, but great video anyway!!!

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