Here's Why New BMWs Suck

Here's Why New BMWs Suck

Here’s Why New BMWs Suck, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. New BMW 3 Series review. BMW has stopped making manual transmission options for all 3 Series sold in America and now only offers automatic options. Are new BMWs reliable. Should I buy a new BMW? Is this the end of sporty BMWs like the ones made in the past? Is this the future of BMW manufacturing? BMW fails. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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Joubert x says:

It is hard to get a manual in a pickup. One problem we have in construction a decade ago with vehicles, a lot of the millennials couldn't use a manual. Even larger vehicles are going auto.

dominick darper says:

Sticks became irrelevant in America for the average driver pretty much as soon as they were invented in 1940 that's why noone had a manual to teach they're kids to drive one for the last few generations. It's not a recent thing. They have evolved alot since than. Back than you settled for slightly slower acceleration than a good manual driver and slightly lower fuel economy but today not even the fastest human can out shift and go faster than an auto and they get better fuel economy.

Tony Rule says:

It's not just the new ones.

FutureGameLight says:

the m3/4 will still be a stick

AisleRegretThis says:

Clutch or kick.

ran in tha cut says:

Alaska just went thru a heat wave where ac was needed lol

Matt says:

Hey scotty whats your take on the New Edge mustangs (99-04)? Are they reliable? Whats some common problems?

Joaquin Valadez says:


Javedur Rahman says:

Brother just a 2011 Camry XLE , it makes a hissing noise when I’m accelerating. Friends say it isn’t a big deal, i need expert opinion

islandnites says:

I prefer calling them "Direct Drive Transmissions".

Mark says:

The noise is coming from INSIDE the transmission!

chance human says:

My dad has an Acura tsx (mid-2000s) with 200k and randomly, while your driving, the radio channel changes and the volume changes. Whats wrong?

Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness says:

Is Audi better

Jaime Knight says:

They should end it. It's not practical anymore….. especially if you live in major cities where traffic jams are all day and night and stop and go traffic is regular.

DankAsuka says:

The E30s and E36s were really the ultimate driving machines.

Nice Jefe says:

American's nowadays don't buy manual transmission…. Duh!

Ben G says:

Alfa Romeo is going to take place of BMW because bmws are made of plastic and are more complicated than the human endocrine system

Dreamy says:

I don’t like yuppies, but unfortunately that’s where the moneys at. Vote with your wallets folks, stop buying garbage cars.

Marcos Ibarra says:

I have a 2010 Ford fusion 3.0 v6, it has 144000 miles and drives okay. The roof paint is chipped and there are scratches all over the car that look like a manufacturer paint was messed up. The roof has rust under the paint. Should I repaint it or sell it & get a new car?

FocusFanatic says:

BMWs suck. They break down all the time and are bloated with unecessary junk features which we don't need. They are unreliable and extremely prone to malfunctions. They look classy but that's about all they have going for them.

S. Bor says:

As much as I like manuals they are not selling that well. They are a company and any company that isn't selling something is going to get rid if it. Eventually the people that do like manuals will pass away and no one will drive manuals.

Ballistic Bob says:

Bmw’s were completely yuppified by the 80’s…

MrCurry says:

I’ve only ever driven one BMW and it was total junk. Worst cars ever – I have no idea why so many people buy them

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