BMW E90 N54 AC Compressor DIY

BMW E90 N54 AC Compressor DIY

In this video I show you how to replace your AC compressor on your N54 power BMW. I’m working on my 2008 BMW 335i with 185K miles.

The original AC compressor abruptly failed . This appears to be relatively common on E90 models.

The compressor seizes up causing the front clutch assembly to break apart.

I show you how to change the descant bag in the receiver drier and flush the system.

I also show you how to vacuum and recharge the AC to factory specifications using R134A freon refrigerant. I also add a little Pag 46 oil back into the system.

I replaced this with an OEM Denso brand new compressor which you can purchase on Amazon for around $340 USD.

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M Z says:

Wow! Great job! Thank you.

ejrives says:

Not sure if it's just the e90, but my e92 doesn't have the screw at the bottom the fan shroud. It's probably because it's a manual and has no transmission cooler. Regardless, just a heads up.

Shane Sexton says:

So it’s good to know that if the compressor seizes that there’s a good chance that the pulley will still rotate not leaving one stranded.
I’m questioning my compressor since there’s a low volume drone / rattle and I’m at 154k miles. I have the n52 motor so my compressor is not as easy to access since it’s by the water pump side of the motor..

Matthew Weisdorfer says:

I am a little surprised you don’t have a catch can.

Anything Goes says:

… i installed inlets in my e92 and my ac wasnt getting cold afterwards, hopefully i dont need to do this. great DIY video …

cole92ton says:

This is a super clear and inclusive DIY man, fantastic job. How do you seem to know so much about this procedure? I own an E92 335i and I've been trying to gain as much knowledge as possible about it since I purchased it, and you're obviously very knowledgable in regards to the chassis/platform as shown by your videos.

moshe2002 says:

very nice, thanks

swamp says:

posted on bimmerfest …#97 ….tks for the great videos ….best wishes

Joel Juguilon says:

Another great DIY!!!

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