Intake Manifold for VW and Audi 2.0T TSI DIY Replacement ~ Gen 3 EA888

Intake Manifold for VW and Audi 2.0T TSI DIY Replacement ~ Gen 3 EA888

In this video I will show you how to remove and replace the intake manifold on VW and Audi TSI engines. This is the generation 3 EA888 engine. You can also use this intake manifold DIY for the 1.8t TSI engine. They are very similar to replace. If you need to clean carbon on intake valves, or replace a TSI fuel injector, this is your step by step DIY replacement on a VW intake manifold.

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moslem770 says:

Cars now have PLASTIC intake?!
Now you have to be careful with the connectors and your plastic intake.

MikeJ F says:

Can I sud jest you mention the average cost of the pieces that you are replacing. Great video.

Dave says:

Do you feel like VW cheaped on the plastic intake manifold? Wouldn't that be better if it was made out another material?

jrcmr03 says:

Buddy after the intake view any ideas on intake mod to get some port wash going without breaking the bank? TY

Francesco Agostini says:

Question… according to you the iAT sensor is on the manifold correct. So what’s the sensor on the cold side for at the bottom ? I may have a problem with my sensor as it’s reads on pull up to 100 F and idle like 131 F

Karl Novak says:

Amazing tutorial. THX Charles!

90s Kid says:

Can you please do a video on how to replace the Valve cover sealant on an 2010 A4 Quattro TFSI

Hitman says:

Never seen a little 2 liter motor thats hard to work on and so brittle. I am not buying a new Audi or VW again. I would stick to buying B6 or B7 platforms or buy a toyota lol

Newblood says:

I would have thrown a throttle body spacer on while I had that off. Cus WMI is gooood:]

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