How to replace front wheel bearing / front hub bearing on AUDI A6 2 (C6) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

How to replace front wheel bearing / front hub bearing on AUDI A6 2 (C6) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

How to replace front wheel bearing / front hub bearing / front wheel bearing kit on AUDI A6 2 (C6) 2.0 Saloon 05.2004–03.2011 [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Wheel bearing on AUDI A8 D2 (4D2, 4D8) (06.2000 – 09.2002) / AUDI A8 D3 (4E2, 4E8) (10.2002 – 07.2010) / VW Phaeton (3D1, 3D2, 3D3, 3D4, 3D6, 3D7, 3D8, 3D9) (04.2002 – 03.2016) / AUDI A6 C6 Avant (4F5) (03.2005 – 08.2011) cars should be replaced, as a rule, according to one and the same procedure.
However, there can be slight differences due to specific features of the vehicle design.

🔝 Top brands that produce wheel bearing: SKF, MAPCO, STARK, FAG, KAMOKA

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🛠️The tools you need to replace front wheel bearing:
– wire brush
– WD-40 spray
– brake cleaner
– copper grease
– combination spanner No.21
– drive socket No.13
– drive socket No.16
– drive socket No.21
– XZN socket bit №12
– HEX bit No.H17
– Torx bit T30
– wheel impact socket №17
– ratchet wrench
– torque wrench
– hammer
– tap wrench
– flat chisel
– crow bar
– vice
– 3-Arm Gear Puller
– bush and bearing driver set
– bearing puller
– hub slide hammer puller
– ball joint remover
– hydraulic transmission jack
– wheel chock

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Henry Phillips says:

Double confirmed: Ne need to even move the drive shaft at all! leave it in place of the hub centre the whole time.
You can remove both side drive shafts by just turning the wheels but be careful however because you can damage the ABS magnetic ring on back of bearing wedging the shaft in and out because its tight.
Here are instructions on how to leave the shaft in place.

1: Remove ABS sensor, brakes and drive shaft bolt, tap driveshaft through hub shaft a few inches to free off and pull hub off bearing leaving the drive shaft still in middle of bearing but loose.

2. Remove bearing bolts and remove bearing with drive shaft still in place just without a bolt and loose in the middle of the hole the bearing mounts into.

3. Press hub into new bearing on bench press.

4. Offer up new bearing and drive shaft into hub shaft at same time.

5. Tighten bearing bolts and drive shaft bolt.

6. Put ABS sensor, brakes and wheels back on torque driveshaft and wheel bolts on floor.

Tip: Turn wheels left and right throughout the job for bolt access but have the wheels straight ahead when removing and installing bearing and hub together placing the driveshaft through the hub all in 1 movement. To tap the shaft out the hub: Screw in the bolt 3 turns and tap the bolt head.

1 hour is more than enough and very basic tools needed.

I hope this helps someone not having to remove all the hub ball joints for no reason!

Erroll Massop says:

Great Video!!

I have a 2016 Audi A6 2.0t . I have been noticing a humming/buzzing noise coming from the front end of the vehicle while driving. Everything I have searched online indicates the front wheel bearing is the cause of this sound. Do you guys believe that to be the case?

Dave Lombardo says:

Is it the same for the rear? I have a 07 A6 quattro AWD. Thanks you! Great video

Henry Phillips says:

To remove the driveshaft you dont need to remove bottom arm ball joint at all! you just turn the wheel!

Mahmood Alafari says:

Professional work

MrCurry says:

Useful video, but isn’t it a bit ridiculous blurring out the audi logo. We do know which car you’re working on, you’ve mentioned it in the video title!

Oleg Brusov says:

И зачем закрывать логотипы ауди, глупость такая.

Flavius Dima says:

Really helpfull! Thank you!

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