Audi/vw 1.8T starter “whine” diy fix

Audi/vw 1.8T starter “whine” diy fix

I have been getting a lot of request for “diy” how to vids so here is a start



Cabal Sieben says:

I was going to purchase a new starter but after hours of research and looking online at pricey QUALITY replacement parts I decided to give this a try (based on the instructions on VWVortex forums) because the starters themselves mechanically are heavy duty and will likely outlast your vehicle unless you have electrical issues with it. After removing the starter (which you would have to do anyway to replace it) it took me about an hour as well with attention to cleaning all of the parts, removing dust and dirt from inside where the magnets are in the large cylinder as well as adding premium CAT grease to the gears. Started up with zero embarrassment several times.

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