Audi Turbo Replacement DIY (2009-2017 Audi MLB A4, A5, S5, allroad, Q5)

Audi Turbo Replacement DIY (2009-2017 Audi MLB A4, A5, S5, allroad, Q5)

►Audi turbocharger replacement is one of those jobs you hope you don’t have to do during your ownership, but there’s a good chance you will. On the EA888 engine found in the MLB platform cars and SUVs such as the Audi A4, A5, S5, allroad, and the Q5 featured in this video, one of the most common problems is wastegate rattle.

While turbocharger replacement is a job with many steps, don’t let that intimidate you. With our replacement turbochargers and the associated turbocharger replacement kit containing all the parts you need to do the job, half of the work is done for you. The other half is simply following Aaron Davis’ step-by-step instructions in this DIY.

00:00 – Intro & Tools Needed
01:35 – Audi Q5 Coolant & Oil Drain Procedure
03:00 – Audi Q5 Trim & Air Box Removal
04:10 – Audi Q5 Solenoid Removal
05:10 – Audi Q5 Turbo Heat Shield Removal
05:34 – Audi Q5 Catalytic Converter Unbolting
06:12 – Audi Q5 Intercooler Piping, Diverter Valve, Turbo Oil Line Removal
08:12 – Audi Q5 Block Coolant Line Removal
08:45 – Audi Q5 Undertray & Catalytic Converter Bracket Removal
09:35 – Audi Q5 Turbocharger Manifold Bolts Removal
10:55 – Audi Q5 Turbocharger Removal Process
12:00 – Audi Q5 Prepping the New Turbo For Install
21:00 – Audi Q5 Exhaust Gasket Replacement & Surface Cleaning
22:48 – Audi Q5 Final Torque Procedure For New Turbo Hardware
23:40 – Audi Q5 Putting the New Turbocharger Into Place
25:40 – Audi Q5 Turbocharger Manifold Bolts Torque Procedure
26:45 – Audi Q5 Catalytic Converter Reinstall
28:30 – Audi Q5 Diverter Valve Removal
28:50 – Audi Q5 Coolant Line Reinstall
29:35 – Audi Q5 Diverter Valve Reinstall
29:45 – Audi Q5 Oil Line & Gasket Reinstall
31:30 – Audi Q5 Intercooler Piping & N75 Sensor Reinstall
32:11 – Audi Q5 Turbocharger Heat Shield Reinstall
32:52 – Audi Q5 Solenoid Reinstall
33:20 – Audi Q5 Turbocharger Breather Hose Reinstall
34:40 – Audi Q5 Solenoid Connector & Harness Reinstall
35:25 – Audi Q5 Air Box & MAF Reinstall
37:40 – Audi Q5 Trim Reinstall
39:00 – Audi Q5 Coolant Refill & Vacuum Bleed Procedure
41:00 – Audi Q5 Oil Refill Procedure
42:15 – Thanks for Watching!

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bun b says:

Should have replaced lines with turbo

Swiftripper says:

B8.5 Gen s5 isnt turbocharged… Am I missing something?

Aijaz Ahmed says:

Y you are change this turbocharged?

A E says:

Holy crap that's alot of work

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