Audi Q5 LED Interior Lights – How To Install – 1st Gen (2013+)

Audi Q5 LED Interior Lights – How To Install – 1st Gen (2013+)

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Here’s guidance on installing LED interior lights in all 1st Generation Audi Q5 model years 2013, 2014, 2014, 2015,2016,2017.

The LEDs and tools used in this tutorial can be purchased at

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00:00 – Introduction to LED Interior Lights
01:11 – Front Map/Dome led Installation
04:14 – Vanity Mirror Led Installation
06:21 – Rear Map/Dome Led
09:24 – Trunk Led Installation
11:25 – Door Led Installation
13:58 – Outro

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DJ Gains Bond says:

Great point with rear lights and the tape.

Gerardo Quiroga Goode says:

the console lights, you can remove the plastic cover to replace the two long LEDs (you used pliers) instead of removing the entire console

Sergiy Krugovykh says:

Hey I replaced lights in my q5 2010 and now my car isn't starting at all, it turns over but won't start anyone has this issue ?

Manoj Kumar says:

Why no interior light automatically ON and OFF when we open door? How to set up.

Frank Summa says:

What size are the led bulbs ?

Todd's Car Stuff says:

Good instructions, but $190 wow that is insane for that kit. You can do the same for under $60. Below is the bulbs I used:

+ 194/T10 White LED: (14 bulbs needed)

+ 194 Red Color: (4 bulbs required for each door)

+ 36mm LED: (4 bulbs required)

All the lights you can replace:

– Front dome light: 2x, 36mm tube/festoon

– Sun visor light: 2x, 36mm tube/festoon

– Front map lights: 2x, 194/T10

– Glove box: 1x, 194/T10

– Rear seats side dome/map: 4x, 194/T10

– Red side door warning light: 4x, 194/T10 (red color)

– Door lower puddle light: 4x, 194/T10

– Trunk lights: 3x, 194/T10

ZINKO GO says:

Does it work on a Q5 2010?

Tom Ocean says:

wrench? wow..

Emmi says:

Can they be colorful? But can change to white if you want them to? Like the led lights people put in their houses these days, that includes the remote!

Jeffrey Cheng says:

Hi Phil, I changed out the interior halogen bulbs with LEDs and noticed that my right rear passenger map light isnt working but the dome light is fine. At first I thought the halogen bulb was blown, but I tried with the extra bulbs both halogen and led that I got but still aint working. Is this to do with the circuit board or wiring? Do I need to do a complete housing replacement? Help!

Patrick G Quarles Jr. says:

Does it work the same for a 2015 Q7? Would like to replace mine.

Al G says:

How about the footwell lights? Do you have replacement and can you show how to replace?

Jose Francisco Gutierrez Solera says:

Very clear explanation! Thanks


Lol 190$ for interior bulbs you better gag on this dick pal

דורון פרחי says:

I don't have lights on my doors in my Q5 2013… DAMNNNN

Derek P says:

What is the middle console dome light size? I got one 41mm, and its impossible to make it fit. Do I need 36mm?

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