Audi MMI Diagnosis & Repair (Fiber Optic Testing) | DIY

Audi MMI Diagnosis & Repair (Fiber Optic Testing) | DIY

Fiber Optic Lollipop Tester –

Hey guys, todays video is some old footage from last year that I put together. In this episode I show how to test the MMI system and find the problem. 99% of the time, it is due to a receiver in the back of the car that is not completing the fiber optic loop. When there is a break in this loop, it will shut the whole system down causing the screen to turn off. This was a very cheap repair!

To find the cause of the issue, order the fiber optic lollipop connector and then disconnect the fiber optic connector on the back of each receiver. Once you find the problem, the screen will power on. You can leave the lollipop installed for temporary fix while waiting for your used part ordered from Ebay. Your screen will remain powered on once the fiber optic loop is complete.

Here is the link to the Fiber Optic Lollipop Tester –

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section, always happy to help!

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Camera Equipment:
Canon 70D –
Rode VideoMicPro –
LED Video Light –

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ivan says:

My mmi stop to work.doesnt start at nothing.the car was at service of automatic gearbox and garage return car and mmi was not working.what could happen.

Jorge x Munoz says:

So I have a 2005 Audi A6 and same thing happened the radio will turn in then back off and the control circuit lights don’t seem
to light up either what can be the cause or how should I fix this?

Yung Genna says:

Hey @mechincole how do you going about doing this for a Audi A7?

George Gomis says:

Hi there my q7 suv bose amplifier is damaged from the water now I got no music and the mmi sistem don't work. What can I do to music and let my mmi sistem work again. Please send me advise thank you

Alexander Martinez says:

Where do I connect the loop again?

Exit N9ner says:

I hope this helps me. Thanks for the upload.

Tren Haynes says:

I’ve seen videos where the loop is used indefinitely. Will that work or do you have to replace the part?

German Rodriguez says:

Im having issues with my mmi also its been a long time since I last heard my speakers month's

Oscar Overlund says:

You singing a lil Beyonce there? Let YouTube hear them pipes!

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