Audi A4 B8 2009-DIY- Front brake pads replacement

Audi A4 B8 2009-DIY- Front brake pads replacement


k2kkoos says:

The bit about getting the pad off etc is way to fast, and that's the bit that is the important…… basically a useless video….

Łukasz B says:

Porażka po co odkręcasz jarzma wystarczy prowadnice na imbus 7 naucz się sam a potem ucz innych buuu

Christian Juan says:

Spent plenty of time showing us how to jack up a car & take off a wheel, but didn't want to show the crucial parts of undoing the caliper & replacing the pad? That's a bit frustrating

Bad Vegan says:

working in flip-flops and neck chains=like a boss! thanks for the vid, very helpful!

rmd24480 says:

Do you think that music adds anything?

Oscar Lèmus says:

Nice vid but maybe chiller music js

KK Woolsey says:

Roger that! Awesome nice video

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