Audi A4 B7 Fwd Starter DIY (FSI)

Audi A4 B7 Fwd Starter DIY (FSI)

Just a simple DIY on how to replace starter motor on an Audi A4 b7 models, or similar A4’s engines that have the same starter position



Vladimir VLOGS says:

I replace the starter and battery still te same. Not crank no start. Just a click on. HELP

Pirix Martian says:

we do that in less than an hour at the dealership no need ro touch exhaust

Chris Cameron says:

Great video! Im doing this on my B6 1.8t and I wasn't sure if I had to take off the cat or not. Now I know I do, its not to bad as long as you know the torque specs. Thanks again for the video!

bravodelta416 says:

You can get to the top bolt through the wheel well without unbolting the downpipe by removing the shroud thing above the axle(you can do it without removing this but removing it gives you quite a bit more room) and using a ratcheting wrench. The bolt was tight and I had to use a pry bar against the wrench from the control arm because there wasn't enough of room for me to get a good enough grip on the wrench.

Dan iel says:

Thanks for the great DIY 🙂

Just confirming those electrical connections @2:56 on the starter motor is there two of them? e.g one that runs to the battery and one coming from the alternator? thanks

Tony Julian says:

the tool on the left is an Allen head, the tool with the "sharp points" is call a torque head. thanks for taking the time to post this and help us fellow Audi owners!

Htx 713 says:

do you think it's the same with the quattro?

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