2013 Audi A4 How To Replace Front Lower Control Arm

2013 Audi A4 How To Replace Front Lower Control Arm

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Jake Davis says:

What was the nut called you put on the top of the gear puller to pull the sleeve back into place?

8SEC6SPD says:

thank you, how did you separate the sleeve from the ball joint at your shop? did you use a press?

shibidi says:

For the tool that you used to press in the Sleeve, what was on the end where it is against the sleeve? I see the tool set on Amazon but it does not come what the piece that you used to press in the sleeve.

Don S says:

does the sleeve normally come out

uhjk91 says:

Great how-to my friend. Keep up the good work.

Kev Marquez says:

This is the rearward lower control arm right? And the one beside it is the forward control arm

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