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just showing how to change headlight bulb




What’s the tool to get the cap off? Stuck on that part. Thanks!

Pamela Wilmore says:

Need to replace low beam bulb on 2009 Acura TL. Anyone have issues with unhooking the connector?

Lul Saiyan says:

How much you pay for the bulb? Can’t find anywhere for less that $110

Melinda Baker says:

Hey I need to just change my bulb on passenger side what do I do

Hamza Saeed says:

You can also do it by removing the side wheel wall

Robby Shark says:

Jw I just bought d2s led headlights off of eBay and the connection doesn't seem to fit the hid ballast or connection to the ballast. Is their anyway I could use them or am I sol on these? Thanks

Osman Maldonado says:

U should upload a video of how nice your TL looks bro, amazing

Skurrtt says:

bro so today I bought a 6k bulb for my 04 TL and when I put it on it had a pink tint to it till It warmed up and was a white crystal type color. After a minute the bulb turns off unless you flick the headlights on again it'll turn on. The bulb doesn't work now no idea what could It be?

Trex_alex -97 says:

I can't remove the black cap , I need help 2006 Acura TL

William says:

They sell the OEM Phillips Bulb D2S for $49.79 each on I just installed mine and it's the same as the other side! just a tip for ya'll! DON'T GO TO THE DEALER!!!!!!! lol

Matt Dalton says:

Hey, great video. Do you know how I can replace the bulb next to the HID one that you replaced? I have a 2006 TL, on those the bulb I'm referring to is called the fog light bulb. But on the 07/08 TL's, I think they are called the DS2 bulbs or something like that. My HID lights are fine, but my yellow fog/DS2/low light bulb is out. Not the HID, not the turn signal, the other bulb. How do you get that one in and out? Thanks in advance

Yu Studios says:

Is the turn signal accessible through this method as well?

Bobby Ali says:

Save yourself all of the trouble and just drop the bumper cover and remove the lights. I had my 12 year old son help me. The bumper was on the ground and both headlights were out of the car in under 20 minutes.

R6_Alex says:

how can you reach that little screw in the corner, its nearly impossible. I tried , its unreachable..please help us out

Thomas Phayboun says:

dang, the only options I got are Sylvania, Eiko, and the Silver Star. I don't wanna order them online bc I wanna do them by Monday.

Kowabungaaaaaaaaaaa says:

ahh thanks man!! 😀

John Lago says:

very helpful. I removed the battery, too. It was only way to get to the driver side light. Thank you.

Jordan says:

What is the name of the plastic vertical cylinder that is placed anterior to the battery at approximately 7:00 min? Thanks very much for the video, very clear and concise and to the point! Much appreciated

Chris Rodriguez says:

Any idea whats causing this problem? So my headlights will turn on sometimes and other times it won't if i toggle it a couple times usually my left headlight will work more often than the right even after switching the bulbs. not sure if i need to change the ballast or ignitor or if its something else. Any ideas? Thanks for the Vids definitely help

Jamie Misisavath says:

hey, does the headlight cap have a special screw that locks it in place?

Kevin Martinez says:

My bulb went how because of the water(got foggy) inside how can I fix that

D D says:

you suck. how the fuck you get the cap off????? you had it off already!

Trekwon Booth says:

I need help changing my bulbs out I need help do u live close to Virginia or anything

Elizabeth Chen says:

Hi there, I have a question, how do you change the signal left turn front lights?
I have a acura 2001 tl.

dewan718 says:

Thanks for making this video. It was really helpful. I am having issues plugging back the ground wire (white/gray)

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