How To Replace AC Compressor on 2005 Acura

How To Replace AC Compressor on 2005 Acura

Welcome back everyone to another video, switched it up today, had jay and his brother record while I took care of some family stuff.
They replaced the AC compressor which looked like it exploded!

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ynco2 says:

Didnt even show him taking out the compressor because it is stupid unless you take out the condensor

ynco2 says:

You talk way too fuckn much just explain the project man

prentice508 says:

what causes it to explode like that mine did the same thing on the side in the exact same spot?

RZA77 says:

Someone tell the robot to stfu in the background.

golferken55 says:

What’s an approximate cost for this including labor?

Christopher Diaz says:

Whats this song tho

Aman Grewal says:

i have an Acura TL 2008. Overtime i turn the AC on there is a weird sound coming from the front passenger side. first i thought it was the power steering but now i think i may have this same issue. can i still drive (short/long distance) until i replace the part.. It sounds like a rattling sounds like a spray can. also when i press the gas the sound comes on. But loudest when the AC is on, not sure if its one of the pullies or the AC compressor. side note the ac is cold and works

Bruce Avilla says:

Just did a 2004 TSX A/C Compressor swap yesterday.  Your info was helpful! A few tips – like you say, remove the fan and the lower splash shield.  I was able to get to the two lower 12mm bolts WITHOUT jacking up the engine.  Just use a box-end wrench and it's easy to get up to them.  Take your time and make sure you're going the RIGHT DIRECTION to remove the bolts.  Another tip – cut a piece of cardboard or similar to place against the bare radiator to protect it while you're working and removing the heavy compressor.  I took off the Power Steering pump and the Alternator, but DIDN"T NEED to.  There's plenty of room, as you did without removing them.   For the new Compressor, the spec said they take 150ml PAG oil, and to put in 75ml. before installation.  The balance 75ml goes in during R34 recharge.  Make sure the system is evacuated by a professional shop before removing the High/Low compressor connections.  I did the warranty swap out myself on the compressor, and paid $78. for the evac/recharge which included the Freon.  This is not as intimidating as you might think.

Bubba Buford says:

You didn't talk about the refrigerant install or did I miss something ?

Bolat Dinc says:

Thanks for the Video. You lifted the engine with the floor jack, did you remove engine mount (the one is close to the alternator)? or mount rubber has enough flexibility without removing its attachment?

PJ Will says:

What kind of flash light are you using?

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