HOW TO | Acura TSX | Replace Rear Engine Mount

HOW TO | Acura TSX | Replace Rear Engine Mount

I made this video of me replacing my rear engine mount on my Acura TSX to help other people do this job. You’ll need socket sizes 14mm and 17mm.

At 4:53 in the video you can see where I supported the engine and transmission from. I used the underside of the transmission. As soon as you see the transmission lift you can stop jacking up further.

Torque specs

Other TSX INFO on my google drive –

I purchased the OEM mount from Del Ray Acura because their website is easy to use, have reasonable prices, and they take Paypal which makes ordering a breeze.

Here are the mounts for the 05 TSX

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Dewalt 1/2 inch impact wrench.
Tekton 1/2 inch Torque Wrench
Tekton 1/2 inch Impact Sockets – Shallow
Tekton 1/2 inch Impact Extensions
Sunex 1/2 inch Impact Universal Joint
Stanley 3/8 Flex head Ratchet. You can get the ‘tool only’ from Walmart.
3/8 Torque Wrench
3/8 Long Extensions
Tekton Universal Joints – 3 set
Stanley black Socket Set
Tekton Wire Brushes
Penetrating Oil
Magnetic Pick Up Tool

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Glo Glo says:

I have an 03 accord 2.4L automatic. I went to replace the rear motor mount and the top bolt that mounts to the mount bracket went in but it’s pretty tight , and it won’t go anymore. I ended up leaving it like that because it was so tight I was unable to screw it all of the way. I tried jacking up the car, and lowering it to different levels to none available. Should I be okay driving it like that?

Kevin Reyes says:

thank you man! I just replaced all my mounts with oem mounts to stop some of the vibrating in the bay

The house of projects says:

Was Helpful

garyseeseverything says:

Thanks for the video !

Rambo says:

do you know if the rear mount has a vacuum line like the front mount?

Paul the Car Whisperer says:

Thanks for the video! I'm gonna give it a shot

Dante C says:

Did this fix engine shaking at idle with ac on mine shakes too much when on drive at iddle or stop

Jeff Belgrave says:

Did you reuse the bolts? Any issues?

James Taganap says:

Where can I get that Tsx service manual?

jasmeonce says:

What is the name of that ratchet and where you got it

David Gutierrez says:

Can’t you get to that bolt easier from the bottom of the car. At 2:53

Alvaresmaico20 says:

Did you have to unbolt the front engine mount and side mount first?

P MO says:

Engine is very violent machine …lots of explosions ! hahaha

Edwin Cajas says:

Hey, I found a motor mount on eBay for $35, u think it’s worth it. ?

Jason M says:

would this be the same process for the honda accord k24 ? since it has the same engine


Hello just wondering what are some signs of a failing mount. On start up I hear a clunky noise as if my engine moves. I feel movement by the gas pedal floor pan. I just recently did the rack and pinion and everything was fine for a few months now this…..

Jayme Lanuza says:

Bro you don’t believe in washing your car?

krimes213 says:

Does anyone know how much the whole will cost you. With parts and labor. Also , the time it would take a mechanic to fix this issue?

brixtion says:

Good job bro

VI Archie says:

Much mounts are on a Acura tsx 04 ?I'm trying to buy all new ones

John B says:

Nice video! I didn’t realize how easy it was I am def changing mine when it gets warmer outside! Thanks!!

peterhypeterlow says:

Great video man. I had to replace my high pressure power steering hose, but I feel like it would be better to remove the rear motor mount 1st for more clearance. Wish me luck man. Any tips/advice on replacing the high pressure power steering hose?

Billy Bob says:

Miguel, watching this it felt like I was getting therapy from a car guy.

In a way similar to how Bob Ross would deliver delightful pleasantries while painting "happy little trees".

Birds chirping in the background "Hi, and welcome to series 31 of The Joys of TSX Car Repair, I'm Miguel Chavez. If this is your first time watching please allow me to extend a personal invitation for you to join us, come along as we go on a subdued but informative journey.

On last week's episode we had discussed an unusual clunking we were getting while accelerating hard in the Sleigh….

Today we will be delving deeper into this mystery clunk in an episode aptly named: Acura TSX – Rear Engine Mount Replacement.

See this here? Well this is an unhappy little motor mount right here…uh huh… We're just gonna and pop that out in 5 easy steps. [5 easy steps done off camera].

All right. See this? Mmm. I shouldn't be able to wiggle this with my finger."

Insert a little Bob Barker – Price is Right PSA about not forgetting to zero out your torque wrench (and spay/neuter your pet)

"Don't you just love the way OEM parts harmonize with the rest of the car? Aaaand we're done…"

Immediately followed up with: "…my goal here today was to help…"

Well sir, I would say you have. Thank you.

Mr. F says:

Is the rear the most common one to fail? I have clunking noise when I start from a stop. It seems to be very dirty as if the hydraulic fluid is leaking

Jorge Guerra says:

Did the old mount leak any fluid?

John says:

You do realize that adding extensions changes torque specs.

Zach Kyukca says:

Really well made video. I found it very helpful, thank you

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