Acura TL Front Strut Replacement with Basic Hand Tools

Acura TL Front Strut Replacement with Basic Hand Tools

Front strut (shock) replacement on a third generation Acura TL. (Similar procedure for most Acura and Honda vehicles.) Acura does offer complete strut assemblies for purchase. In other words, you can purchase the strut assembly as one complete unit; as opposed to buying the strut only and transferring the spring from the old part to the new part. Purchasing the strut assembly as one unit saves quite a bit of time and provides the assurance all parts are 100% brand new. Common symptoms of a bad strut – leaking oil from the damper unit, worn upper strut bushings, cracked springs, etc.

Struts used: Monroe Quick Strut #272322
Factory OEM Part Number: 51602-SEP-A08 (left) and 51601-SEP-A08 (right)

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►► Tools Used:
Safety Glasses:
Craftsman Floor Jack Set:
Ratchet Set:
Plier Set:
Breaker Bar:
Rubber Mallet:
Nail Setter:
Torque Wrench:

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D Z says:

I had these monroe struts and tie rod ends installed and now my car squeaks going over bumps. Is it just the rubber mounts rubbing against metal? I also had lost a caliper bolt so the shop just welded it on. Could that be causing the squeaking? A different shop suggested replacing both lower ball joints but the squeak is still there. If it's just noise it doesn't bother me just want to make sure its safe

Erwin Goodwin says:

Thx for sharing. Question: did you replace the strut bushings?

EndAbyzou says:

Is this install the same for the Type-S?

Franky Vera says:

Great Video! Thanks for all the info. I have a 2007 tl type s and I've been looking at the monroe quick struts. What are your opinions on them or how have they held up now that it's been a while since you put those on?

Tim McInnis says:

I love this guy he is very patient.

evocre8r says:

Fantastic! Thanks for the tutorial. Looking to do this in the next month or so. Front suspension making squishy sounds when I push it down lol. Replaced the control arms and that didnt fix it. So I'm now sure it's the struts.

Peter Mahan says:

Love your videos man. Had my 04 TL since '07 and your videos have been a HUGE money savor and have kept my baby running strong over all these years.

Javi Aragon says:

Nicely done video. Thank you

Mr C says:

How is it driving now?

Sabroso Lopez says:

Update on the Monroe shocks' ride quality? Superb tutorial. Thank you!

Captain420Malone says:

Just ordered some of the monroe struts the rubber boot in the struts was slid down a bit wondered if I should slide it up snug against the top so the inner of the strut is not exposed?. I’m guessing and hoping that the left and right are the same part? I know oem left and right have different part numbers.

brian fezenko says:

Great job thanks

Randy Zemola says:

Why in the heck are you using 3/8” drive. Should be using 1/2” drive for all that work.

Justin Credible says:

Will be changing my 2012 struts tomorrow

smokingweedcures says:

Are both the driver and passenger side struts identical or interchangeable?

blondewedge11 says:

Great video worked like a champ.

H Viii says:

Do we need to do an alignment after installing the new struts ?
Thanks for the video

M Rose says:

great video!! thank you.

大黄蜂 Bumblebee says:

Where do you get all the torque specs for cars??

Alexander Manuel says:

What an easy to follow guide to replicate with my 17 year old on our 2008. Thank you for sharing. The bonding we shared will last a lifetime. Thanks again!!!

Steve Garbacz says:

Great video. I own a 2005. So now how is the ride with the new struts? I live in Quebec and our roads are a complete joke of a mess. Nothing but potholes, cracks, and lousy patch work. My struts are making a lot of clunking noise. Thanks for the video.

brian conley says:

I have a 01 cl with only 128k nothing wrong with struts but after watching this and seeing only hand tools used I have no choice but do replace to replace glad he didn't show how to rebuild engine

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