Acura Timing Belt Inspection

Acura Timing Belt Inspection

Timing belt inspection on a 2006 Acura TL.

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Any attempt to repair automotive parts and/or systems carries risk of personal injury. Always adhere and follow safe practices when working on vehicles. Such as, safety glasses, jack stands, no loose clothing, etc. No guarantee or warranty is implied. Use the information in this video at your own risk.

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alfawoof1 says:

if you happen to do timing belt replacement video in the future, maybe include info about crankshaft position sensor replacement. thanks!

bhadz100 says:

By doing this does this mean that you don’t need to go by with the 100k interval?

Captain420Malone says:

U can tell just that engine is in such good shape belt looked like new. My 06 TL has 200k km the engine paint it chipped and plastics look much worse and I don’t know if the belt was even replaced so very helpful vid.

dylan. says:

will this work on my 2002 tl

Abbas bin Firnas says:

Drive belt? That's annoying… serpentine belt, thank you very much.

Jay Onorato says:

I was honestly skeptical about even buying one and the idea of replacing it but man you explained in great detail and I feel comfortable enough to do so

trankt54155 says:

Thanks for the video. An excellent way to inspect the condition of the belt. What about how to inspect the timing belt hydraulic tensioner that is located deeper and lower to the left?

Mr. Niceguy says:

Thanks!!! Saved me a lot of $$$

YoungStarPower says:

Great Video 😀

Johnny Doggs says:

Great video. Not sure if I'm right here but if that's the original timing belt its 12 years old. Does acura have a mileage and age replacement schedule on it or do you mainly go by visual inspection once the age schedule has been met but not the mileage? It's nice to know rubber timing belts are lasting so long.

Blake Onyx says:

Will this procedure to move the timing belt work for the 07 – 08 TL as well? My concern is that the starters on these cars will continue to crank without holding the key to start position. Thanks.

Thora Alcendor says:

Thank you for posting this video. I just had a service advisor mansplain that my engine needed to be taken apart to get to my timing belt and was a 5-6 hour service after I told him my mechanic said my belt needed to be replaced..I show them this video and he didn’t know what to say

Mickeystyles1 says:

Thanks for this video.Its just what i needed.I didnt trust taking it for a mechanic to check it for me and they will tell me i need the belt replaced when it doesnt or charge me alot just to check it.I'll probably mark the belt with paint for the cranks.

Andre Tyson says:

My car started making a clicking noise every time on every cold start.what do you think in causing that?

absolutelyflying says:

Great video. Are you planning on doing a full timing belt replacement replacement soon? Heard those crankshaft bolt is a bolt from hell to get loose.

John Doe says:

Best person for acura tl diy repair videos as always

Glenn Francis says:

Excellent video as always!

Foncho Benavides says:

Great video.thank you

Allim Khan says:

Great video the timing belt looks like it can last another 60k miles.

Miriam Vivo says:

Interference or non?

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