Volvo SX Bellows Replacement

Volvo SX Bellows Replacement

I didn’t want to pay a mechanic $800 to replace the exhaust and u-joint bellow so I found the manual and did it myself. This video is for informational purposes only and you should consult a pro if you have issues.

Here are the parts and places I ordered from. I’m not sponsored by these companies, I just shopped around to find the best deal. Marine parts source is in Tennessee and shipped super quick. Leaders RPM has their store within ebay and also shipped super quick. All parts appear to be OEM and not fakes. I used all OEM parts.

PART Part # QTY Price
Seal for water hose 3852560-6 1 $2.89 Marine Parts Source
Thrust washer 3852697 2 $2.09 MPS
Thrust washer 3852558 2 $3.99 MPS
O-ring 997368-2 2 $1.25 MPS
Grease 828250 1 $6.19 MPS
Lock nuts 3853329 6 $3.29 MPS
O-ring for water tube 983513 1 $.49 MPS
Exhaust bellow 3850426 1 $41.52 MPS
Sealant/bellow adhesive 1161099 1 $8.94
I bought 92-86166Q1

U-joint bellow 22197130 1 I paid $51.47, but they are $70 now

Alignment tool 3851083 1 $39.59

Grease for shaft splines 802867q1 1 $12.94 Amazon –

I used wheel bearing grease for the u-joints and gimbal (make sure you use your hand to rotate the gimbal bearing) –
Universal joint shaft splines lubricated with mercury/mercruiser extreme grease – 92-8m0071838, 802867q1
I applied a dab of oil to the two o-rings on the shaft
Pivot boss friction washer I put volvo grease (828250) on them but be careful, they have a sticky side and if you get grease on them they don’t stick.
I used bellows adhesive for the u-joint bellow but NO adhesive for the exhaust bellow
The biggest pain was the pivot bolts. Maybe trying breaking them free before you take the drive off?



Jay Rico says:

How did you put the exhaust bellow so no clamp just just a clip? How did you install it? My exhaust bellow came off seems like they just used contact cement or glue before.

David Herman says:

Where did you order your manual from?

John Osborne says:

Thanks for that video. I have a dual prop so mine will be different. But at lease I know the basics now.

todd s says:

How long did this take you? Thanks

Giuseppe Lucia says:

Buongiorno video interessante
Come fare acquisti di materiale volvo penta dps sx-m
Stelo pistone
Non riesco ha trovarlo

Rick's Garage says:

Great video. You might have mentioned why you replaced the bellows.

Bill Vincent says:

That is a brand new starter on there it's not on my dog

Chad Stewart says:

so I'm here in 2021 because my gimbal bearing bellows (same SX outdrive) cracked which (I guess) allowed water in and washed all the grease out of the bearing which then self-destructed in violent fashion, ruining the transom assembly….. sad face. Wish I had caught that cracked bellows sooner.

Chin Strap says:

1/2" hex bit and an impact worked great.

Tristen Fletcher says:

Where did you get your manual

RcG917 says:

Nice job! What you did for me is convince me that I really probably DON'T want to do this myself. LOL!
I also don't recall seeing you actually remove the rubber bellows themselves. I was curious as to their shape/cracks. Then you kind of jumped past the actual install of the replacement bellows too. I guess those are a pretty straight forward install once you're to that point.

Off topic: I'd like to know what you think about those self-leveling trim tabs it looks like you have installed. Thanks!

fadedexile says:

thanks for skipping the part where you disconnected the bell housing

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