Volvo s60 t6 GFB diverter valve install DIY, worth it???

Volvo s60 t6 GFB diverter valve install DIY, worth it???

Hello, today we are installing gfb diverter valve that we bought, and we tell you if its worth it.

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Bar Par says:

Hi, I have a s60 t6 from the 2012 US version. Will my car also fit the valve marked T9358 ?? after some time you think it was a good modification and would you redo it ??

Blakslee Woody says:

I’m slightly confused. If one is upgrading to the Elevate eCRV, is the GFB DV still necessary or do you only need one or the other?

Sasha Benyaminovich says:

Hi! Do they have bov for 2015 t5?

Marco Boninsegna says:

Good JOB. Is there for V60 T3 2.0 Petrol? I can not find it.

Brendan Hogg says:

Thanks for the video! I've already bought one, and am planning on installing it soon. Just to clarify, you only needed to remove the wheel and wheel liner, correct? How tricky is removing the wheel liner on these cars? Any pointers on this process or tool recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

matt reviews it says:

How did you get that top bolt?

92dream team says:

are those springs or coilovers

Rob Irvine says:

Can you put a diverter valve on a stock 2015 S60 T5 2.0? Or does there have to be mods?

Thomas M. Ventiquattro III says:

Is there any particular reason why you went with the GFB upgrade over getting the fully aftermarket Elevate diverter valve? I know that the GFB add-on reduces boost loss, does the Elevate one not work the same way?

Arron Somerville says:

you deserve more subscribers mate! im going to reccomend you on forums and facebook ect wont take u too long to get more

Cody Cloughley says:

mannnnnn. installed mine today..that top screw was a pain to get out. theres no quick way to do it. the electrical connector is to close to get a normal sized socket hex in there. i improvised and finally got it. i removed the turbo pipe to have more space. took me about 4 hours to do alone. not sure an extra hand coulda sped up the process. glad its done tho.

HORACIO Anaya says:

Disculpe soy yo o no se escucha el sonido característico de la válvula de alivio?

Sasha Benyaminovich says:

mate i own the same model but the T5 2.0 245bhp is it the same process?

B Martin says:

Any change with the "blow off" sound with this diverter valve? i.e. Is the "blow off" more audible with this vs stock?

TheBikemaster94 says:

Cute car , I'm looking at this or the charger rt . I don't like high gas prices though , maybe 6 cyl with tune is the way to go

Lance L says:

Definitely agree. I've had my gfb diverter installed for around a year and 20,000km. Still going strong. great product and popular brand in Australia 🙂

Y G says:

Just got mine should be good ha

Aniikilenterful says:

omg u live in GTA, where is Cj?

vovik p says:

little by little that beast is coming along. Nice job

Kyle Eisenbach says:

Nice videos! Get a 30796427 for your grille though! 🙂


I need to get one!

Thomas Gires says:

Nice! I've been very tempted to get one of these for my T4 V60, looks like a worthwhile upgrade!

John Smith says:

Awesome stuff!

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