(Pt 5) Volvo From HELL…STALLS Again?! (05 XC90 Turbo – CONCLUSION)

(Pt 5) Volvo From HELL…STALLS Again?! (05 XC90 Turbo – CONCLUSION)

Is the BUTCHERED Volvo XC90 finally ready to be SHIPPED??

After a few short test drives, the LOW FUEL PRESSURE code is BACK with the brand-new fuel pump!!
As suspected, the pickup screen is getting CLOGGED with some mystery particles floating in the fuel tank….OH NO!

Customer is very upset that the Volvo is still broken and he doesn’t want to pay any more $$ for cleaning the tank. What to do?





@edluther8754 says:

Well. I wonder how the sand got in the tank.. Sounds like a Girlfriend special! I cant believe that this goof had enough nerve nerve to threaten to take you to court?? And he cannot afford plates for his car?? If this car is a learning experience ,learn to stay away from this clown!!

@davidr8750 says:

Interesting and very informative. I agree on the learning experience. Technical side as well as crappy customer side. Thanks for sharing.

@gerahernandez512 says:

Suing someone 2 states away prob a lot higher than Ivan’s rate.

@castinn says:

Calling this guy a customer is an insult to real customers. This guy is a parasite trying to get something for nothing.

@castinn says:

How do you get sand in the tank? Somebody put it there. No worries about a lawsuit, however, because it takes money to file a suit.

@EvanSlattery says:

Basket case cars are good basket case owners send down the road.

@Flowtester1 says:

Somebody sugared that gas tank or put sand in it.

@n3lee says:

Very interesting diagnosis — and good on you for publishing it on a time delay….

A further thought would have been — would it have been easier to quit arguing and simply rig up the transfer pump through an external filter and let it eat for a day or two…. on a plug in 12V supply — just to see if you can circulate all the fuel? or simply empty it into a 'waste fuel' bin? (ie: cleaning gasoline for parts cleanup etc) at that point you'd be out the storage containers and you can send it back with a few gallons of fresh gas; but, i get not wanting to deal with it after hearing what a cheapskate this guy was…. like my customers — i'm willing to aide those who will help us.

@thakiid1013 says:

Rare to see Ivan visibly disturbed by a deadbeat customer. Wash your hands Ivan. How's a deadbeat going pay to screw you when he can't pay you to help him. How can this person not know how much you've already done and be grateful like the countless others? The second a threat like that comes out of your mouth, there's no going back, take the car and do your worst, we're done here.

@timcollins5608 says:

the whole car is junk

@skipdog77 says:

Ivan have you considered not taking out of state vehicles like SMAs policy? Sounds like nightmare customers.

@sohackitj says:

1. Buy an older used Euro trash vehicle that was not maintained.
2. Butcher it by cuttung wires, swapping good modules with junk yard ones.
3. Have it delivered to a real mechanic hundreds of miles away because no one near you will touch that mess.
4. Be an a#@hole about the cost of your self induced problems.

He was lucky thay Ivan even took this job, and that he diagnosed and fixed what he did. I hope that idiot watches these videos and comments.

@jimforsyth2. says:

Some time you get a car in and say how did thay get to this point . The next thing you know your at that point .

@jimforsyth2. says:

I've been hear . Got to rap it in a filter sock needs much greater surfaces the hole assembly

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