Pt 2 – Volvo From HELL…STALLS in 3 Minutes?! (05 XC90 Turbo)

Pt 2 – Volvo From HELL…STALLS in 3 Minutes?! (05 XC90 Turbo)

In Part 1, all of the evidence showed that there was something wrong with the FUEL PUMP in the tank that caused a severe pressure loss and STALL in 5 minutes on this 2005 Volvo XC90.

Needs a new fuel pump, right?
But apparently the owner ALREADY REPLACED THE PUMP 3 TIMES!!!
Is there another variable?
We HAVE TO go into the fuel tank before making the expensive call on the pump!!







@johnleinen7167 says:

Hello Ivan, good job! these Euro trash cars all have these complicated pumps and jet pumps transfer lines, I just did a 04 Range rover that had a new pump but original fuel filter plugged up!

@RussellBooth1977 says:

Probably drive it down to the end of your driveway & back to test it !

@frednetherlands887 says:

You know it's gonna be good when Ivan takes his shirt off folks!

@andyloijou6277 says:

Question is was,old fuel pump cloged up

@stevenmihalic7887 says:

Man that was a headscratcher.

@StevenDaugherty-uo5cs says:

Definitely need to have a look at that original pump assembly and it would be interesting to see what the inside of the fuel tank looks like. The car has half a tank now but what's getting sucked up when its close to empty? This tank set up reminds me of that Dodge Charger. Why on earth design a tank that straddles the driveshaft hump and needs a transfer pump? And why rely on a Venturi pump instead of just using another regular pump? Once again engineers over complicating things. The rest of the problems should be a ton of fun to figure out from what we've seen the owner hacked together so far. Hey Ivan I'll bet that interior smells wonderful with that swimming pool over on the passenger side floor and carpet.


What are the benefits of this fuel pump design ? Anyone ..

@LesReeves says:

And they say OVLOV's are bullet proof well you sure put that myth in the garbage can Cheer Ivan.

@johnt.848 says:

Take care out in the heat.

@androidemulator6952 says:

Back in the day i had Volvo 144 sedans and 145 wagons. Simple carburetored pushrod valve engines.. about as diametrically opposed to the techno-diablo-volvo you have here.
I miss those old beasts. 😉

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