How to replace the rear suspension trailing arm bushings on FWD Volvo 850, S70, V70, V70 GLT – VOTD

How to replace the rear suspension trailing arm bushings on FWD Volvo 850, S70, V70, V70 GLT – VOTD

Trailing arm bushing replacement: 2 to 4 hours ($30 / 350 / $525

In this video I show how I helped a friend replaced the trailing arm bushings on his 1997 Volvo 850 R wagon. This process should be the same on all of the P80 FWD Volvo cars which includes the 850, S70, V70, V70 GLT, V70 T5, etc.
Left side PN: 9181013
Right side PN: 9181027
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Redbeak1 says:

Haynes makes it seem much more complicated or Robert makes everything so much easier to understand!!! :-)) I replaced mine a couple of years ago with Meylee. Hopefully it won't crack soon again.The bushing's look OK, just the metal cracks.

Volvo 850R says:

Quick tip: When replacing the passenger side bushing takeoff the passenger wheel and you can slide the socket adapter and 12 inch extension in through the top. It fits much straighter.

Volvo 850R says:

Hey the passenger bushing is in upside down. The fin was facing towards the middle of car and in the end the new ones fin was facing out..

sapupa canela says:

from lisbon nice

Glen Wilson says:

This is timely for me because I have just started hearing noises from the rear suspension of my 98 V70. What I hear is more of a creaking sound than a metal banging noise, but now I will know what I am looking at when it stops raining and I get under there. Control arm, delta links, shocks. I rebuilt the entire front suspension when I bought the car, but have never really looked at the rear suspension. As usual, Robert, you are such a valuable resource. Welcome to Ohio.

Stuart McRae says:

I once bought an 850 sedan at auction in Los Angeles, and tried to drive it to Atlanta. You could smell the rear tires scrubbing the road, and little flecks of rubber covered the trunk and rear window as I drove. I bought two tires, for the rear, to start. They were gone by New Mexico, so I bought more at a junkyard and replaced them in New Mexico, again somewhere in Texas, and again in Alabama. I wish I had seen this video before THAT adventure.

Henri Silén says:

Very good tutoral video!

Rad Radhakrishnan says:

Amazing video! Well done, Robert. Thank you.

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