How To Replace ALL 5 Engine Mounts Euro 3 2.4 D5 – DIY Volvo V70 S60 XC90 S80 P2 Vacuum Front Rear

How To Replace ALL 5 Engine Mounts Euro 3 2.4 D5  – DIY Volvo V70 S60 XC90 S80 P2 Vacuum Front Rear

I had quite a lot of shaking inside the car like a ferry idling in the dock. After finally getting the Timing Belt and Water Pump done it was time to get on with all 5 engine mounts.

The parts I used were:

Front Vacuum Mount: Volvo 30680751
Rear Vacuum Mount: Febi 22673 (Volvo 30741397)
Right Side Engine Mount: Febi 22687 (Volvo 30748811)
Upper Engine Mount/ Sway Bar: Firstline FEM4123 (Volvo 30645447, 30776354)
Torque Rod/ Gearbox Mount: Febi 22711 (Volvo 30680750)

The reason the parts are mismatched is I was originally quoted for all FEBI parts totalling around £220 however since Brexit (?) all prices appear to have increased and the front vacuum mount was double the price of the rear vacuum mount. I couldn’t see a difference between the two so I asked my local motor factors and Volvo Parts (Mill North East Volvo) on eBay however neither could answer correctly. The rear mount has an extra piece of rubber on the bottom where the front doesn’t.



Christerart says:

Very nice video! I did the top mount last fall on my 2005 facelift D5 XC70 and it's time to do all the rest @ almost 202K miles…:) Your video is very helpful and easy to follow – kudos!..:)

Barry Britcher says:

Please show how to use the spanner in the rear lower mount. You didn't film it

Barry Britcher says:

The good news about the petrol ones is they are the same part front and back and no vacuum

Dazman65 says:

This is by far the best video tutorial regarding auto repair that I have seen on YouTube. I appreciate the clear instructions, the clarity of the video, and the exceptional camera angles. Also, I want to really thank you for not making us watch you screw and unscrew every single bolt from start to finish like other videos do! By the way, you just saved me $1200 by providing me the confidence to do the engine mount replacements myself. Well done!

Jalen Nathon says:

Is the rear and front mount different? All parts store around me say it's the same. Don't wanna be in the middle of the change and have the wrong part.

Igors Dubrovskis says:

Completely wrong order to change them

Chas bad says:

Hi Tolly as always your vids are a very great help i would like your advice on a set of mounts i have just bought for my 05 XC90 they are from MaXpeedingRODS and cost £102 for the complete set inc del they look quite good quality but the engine mounts have no vac mounts does this matter ???

theyoungupstart says:

Not sure why some berk has downvoted this, had a brand new genuine rear lower vacuum mount for my XC70 D5 sat around for ages and this has given me the nudge i need to get it done. Top vid, thanks.

seesikopter says:

By the way, do you might have a clue why my d5244T is so hard to start? Glow plugs are okay.

seesikopter says:

Your vids are so helpful – even if you show something my v70 doesn’t have an issue with, it’s still very entertaining.

Catalin Mihnea Donescu says:

If you do not have the small strut bar rubber mounts to change,why touch them?YYou must remove only the dome bar to reach the upper engine mount…

pedz2010 says:

Great video

Daniel Vinogradov says:

So same thing on 2004 S80 D5 ? 🙂

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