How to fix the AC on your Volvo 850, S70, V70, V70R, V70XC, etc. Troubleshooting, examples etc. VOTD

How to fix the AC on your Volvo 850, S70, V70, V70R, V70XC, etc. Troubleshooting, examples etc. VOTD

In this video I show how to get the AC working on your Volvo 850, S70, V70, V70R, V70XC, XC70, GLT, etc.
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Shim the compressor:
Replace the AC drier:
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TheOneJPtv says:

WOW, my AC symptom on my S70 is just like you described, cycles on for 20 minutes then shuts off but comes back on later. the Shop tried to sell me new compressor (go figure) but your troubleshooting of the fuses, relays, switches, recharge and zip tie methods sounds more like what I need to do FIRST. I know my compressor works so the shop is lying to me like most mechanics do. *Can you PLEASE do a video on the zip tie compressor clutch fix as I’m almost certain that’s my issue OR the fuses, switch issue. Because I KNOW my compressor is working.

DutchVolvo850 says:

Hi Robert. Since we bought our 850. The AC works! But sadly the air that is coming out of the vents, is not very cold… Maybe refill the system? It has been serviced like around 3 years ago and the compressor just kicks on nicely on and off but it kicks in on and off quite frequently. That is probably my sign to fill the system up again so I'll have ice cold air again hopefully!

Genghis Khan Wei says:

Hi Robert I've never owned a Volvo in my life but ever since I bought one, I really love and appreciate the simplicity of these cars so smooth and I love thee ergonomic design of the interior of these vehicles. My S60 has 200,000 miles on it I've owned it for a month now and I like it better than a Mercedes. I really want an S60R or a 8 cylinder S80 now.

Sylvester Furtak says:

Thank you I wish more people were like you. You helped me tremendously with my 2000 Volvo V70 XC. Now I have to fix my compressor.

SarkyBugger says:

Yeah Baby! Groovy.
Thanks for this, Robert.

John Heitmann says:

Brilliant diagnostics, Robert! You are a good teacher.

Opeyemi Joshua says:

Good day Robert. My AC efficiency started declining, I didn't use it for about a month. I later resumed using the AC, the left half started cooling but the right have just didn't cool. What might be the likely cause?

Tony O says:

My ac didn't work for 5 years, fortunately my windows did, but those hot rainy days were bad. I took it to Midas, Car X, Firestone, Suburban tire, discount tire, Pep boys and numerous shops and nobody could figure it out. Fortunately my friend that's a mechanic figured it out in 5 minutes. He's been doing work on my car since then. $$$$ of dollars lost over a simple recharge that each place told me that they have done. I love ac, best feature in a vehicle.

Eric Anderson says:

Very helpful got to have Airconditioning

gooddad1975 says:

Is you try cleaning and washing the big air condenser battery radiator

Chris Chris says:

Hello Robert….Great job,glad to hear your A/C is working!

Jorge Duarte says:

Thank you Robert. All your videos are highly appreciated.

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