DANGEROUS Volvo Transmission Problem?

DANGEROUS Volvo Transmission Problem?

Owner of this 2008 Volvo XC70 is worried that the transmission is ready to GRENADE at 233k miles.

He says that at times it is DANGEROUS to merge on the highway because the transmission will NOT UPSHIFT!!

Let’s not jump to conclusions just yet, and gather some data first.
The diagnosis might surprise you 🙂





Stealth G35 Infiniti says:

Ivan great job on the Russian Repair. I see in most cars if ABS has issues, Cruise Control and Stability Assist become disabled.

Paul Nielsen says:

The tone rings rust and crack. My diag tool shows the actual signal from each wheel sensor graphically so it was easy to diagnose (cracked ring). The code also indicated bad signal. A replacement axle that includes the tone ring was the most expedient repair. Nice zip tie repair too.

Kamran Soheil-Mirza says:

it should be a volvo approved repair method 😉 great job Ivan. Greetings from Sweden and a volvo owner.

Fljeff7 says:

Volvo had throttle body problems that would almost shut the car down

John Flanagan says:

Another Happy Customer! Nice work Ivan!

Clint Price says:

Outstanding job Ivan, it was accurate, quick and repaired in a short period of time. Hopefully the owner gets the replacement part and makes it a memory instead of it hanging over his head.

Jeffry Blackmon says:

These interconnected systems can drive you crazy.My Jeep Renegade would not work in 4WD when I needed it last winter. I learned that can be caused by the electronic engine temp sensor failing. I had it replaced, 4WD has been working ever since. It's hidden under all sorts of engine hardware so I went to the dealer. Why Fiat tied them together I have no clue.

Steve Duke says:

Very well thought out diagnosis and a clever repair. NPR!


Why did the wife look so pissed off?

2491kridge says:

Wow that zip tie method just added a tool to my arsenal, the amount of times I’ve needed a zip tie mount but couldn’t find a good location, you just have me unlimited ideas lol

Janne Pohjala says:

I think it's the same with 2000 Volvo V70 I have. Around 2000-2004 models ABS unit made by ATE fails due cracking lead free solder joints at the connector. I start losing the signal from driver side from ABS sensor. AND sends the speed to Cruise, DIM (Driver information module = speedo) and TCM/ECM. If you get stuck in the snow and only one wheel has traction, this function prevents the transmission upshift. Thus on so inexperienced drivers, who floor the accelerator to get unstuck do not get one wheel spinning 100 km/h when the tire meets the tarmac and car jumps forward and/or gearbox might get damaged. Normally traction control would prevent this by braking the faster spinning wheel, BUT if there is no speed info from both front wheels is is disabled..


You’re the best!

jeff rossel says:

Fixed my ac's slipping clutch with 3 zip ties on my Volvo saving me $2000

Timothy Peterson says:

Ordered another one and have it on hand.

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