2004 volvo xc 90 easy radio install.

2004 volvo xc 90 easy radio install.

How to install an aftermarket radio in a volvo xc 90. There are some important points to follow in the video. 1 make sure the battery is disconnected before attempting to remove the plugs on any of the center console or you will set the airbag light. 2 some of the wires are fiber optic and cannot be cut! This video is for information purposes if you attempt to do this it is at your own risk. Any questions please feel free to ask.



Garrick Mueller says:

What wire coming from the truck is the power one and the 2 other's with it

barelars says:

Great video, straight to the case! no fussing around!

fernando moreiraleal says:

What about central speaker ?

Max Mad says:

Can you please help me install the same gps to replace the original on my 2004 xc90 ?

Aaron Owen says:

Can you use a harness adapter?

Jane Perrott says:

What this video doesn’t show is how you take the “old pieces out”. There is quite a lot of cutting involved. You may want to see others videos that explain that process. The link is another way to wire a new head unit but this video is the best way to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20EKIZaAFro&feature=share

Matthew Rutledge says:

Do the fiber optic wires have to plugged into anything?

Peterbuilt Cummins says:

Typical diy hack job here, doesnt know wich speaker wire is positive or negitive, soundwave cancelation at its finest

Daniel Stevenson says:

Having difficulties getting the radio to power on after setting up all the wires. Any suggestions?

Jeremiah Quinteros says:

What color is the power, remote and ground. I just bought a xc90 and car stereo wants a grand to but a new one in, not trying to pay that when I can do it myself

Noah Kennedy says:

do u think it is the same for a volvo s40 2005

Ricardo Aguilar says:

No sound in the las part can't understand nothing and i need to know about which of the wires are ground and power can you tell me is the most important part so i don born my stereo o car cables

Valerie says:

So I bought a stereo that sits on the radio but I can figure our with harness adapter I need for the power would you know?

Javier Estrada says:

Which are the power, ground wires??

1969nydrell David says:

I should of watch this vdo first lol
I had an airbag problem
Was looling for an antenna connector and couldnt get power when i disconnected the wires,thanks for the vid

Biju Sumi says:

dear Sir, I have XC 90 2007, last year installed pioneer DVD,  its Still working, But steering Control(Volume) Not working, Also technician disconnected Amplifier   ,

Jorge Monarez says:

witch wire is the power you never said anything else about the power wires confused

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