VW Caddy 2k DIY Restoration Full Timelapse – 4 Months in 18 Mins – Volkswagen

VW Caddy  2k DIY Restoration Full Timelapse – 4 Months in 18 Mins – Volkswagen

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Caddy 2k Interior Series:

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Dinny Conway says:

Some job how much wud it cost to respray a Renault traffic one side only

Tzimhs C'mon says:

i own a 2009 caddy 1.4 80 ps. pretty good and basic vehicle it gets me from a to b point without fuss.
mine has give me trouble a couple of times but nothing major. i had to change the drivers window regulator as the window stopped moving ,i had to change the a few rubber water pipes as they were leaky and the most expensive part the body control module decided to die and was pretty expensive to repair.
i have driven Toyota's and Hyundai's and they just cant compete to the excellence of braking,steering and gear change systems of a vw.

Kris Kros says:

Super 🙂 Something I like the most in the world …

devilish_dwarf says:

I have just one question.. why!??

Miguel Caro says:

Hello, I just wanted to know how the rear view mirrors were adapted so that they have the turn signal, could you explain me thanks.

Sergio 78 says:

Ole tus huevos!!

J. Jankus says:

I won't call this restoration, especially when you put coilovers and non original wheels on… I'm not saying anything about how you fixed the bumper, changed the fender, doors, painted it all, disassembled the interior, interior metal panels and welded back together, probably changed rear brake calipers to new also (VAG group illness) and etc. But dude c'mon, don't call this restoration when you just disassemble the car, repaint it, change some few parts, put on aftermarker coilovers on front and even changing the mirrors. This isn't restoration, this is more like project car.
If you restore a car, you do it to it's original state…
But still, respect for the effort you've put into it.

Azfar Farooqi says:

Looks fantastic, is it for Sale??? Would be very interested…

rekord video says:

kolor do projektu jak sraczka przy obiedzie

kush hatkar says:

The paint looks so dope!!

John Vansteenkiste says:

i have a caddy, they r 1 of the most easy cars to work on, easy acces,to engin, to lightbulbs, more modern cars u need to go to a garage for the smallest thing

Fran P. B says:

Awesome work, congratulations, 1000 likes

Slobodan Knežević says:

Great job! Looks great ! But,one question, what s the poent of rear seats without side window?

zPs says:

Viva a diversidade
Esses jovens não param hahah

Adam S says:

Great work 🙂 I really like your video 🙂

T walk says:

U selling it lol

boqer123 says:

That looks so mint, fairplay dude

Diliška says:

Man your skills deserve at least one million subscribers, i hope you will reach them soon. All I can is to give my little contribution.

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